Trader Joe's 2024: YEA/NAY/MEH

I think if the picture that’s larger than the words doesn’t help someone figure out where the meat is, it’s a sad commentary on so many things.

(There’s also an ingredient list on the back.)


I’ve realized that I have a perhaps unusual like for bitter…I love bitter leaves of all kinds, chicories, endive, radicchio, the astringency of citrus peels, etc.
So that probably explains why I like it!


meat-stuffed ball?
breaded meaty ball?

How about bulgur-crusted meatball?

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I’ve probably said this before…their sweet canned corn is the absolute best around. So much so that when I stopped there on Saturday to ONLY pick up a couple of boxes of #2 unbleached cone filters for my coffeemaker (best price I’ve found for 100 filters), I decided to pick up another 2 cans, as a “just in case”.

Got home - to find I already had 6 cans in my pantry closet. :wink: I guess I’m making chicken corn chowder or corn pureé soon.



I concur. I usually get frozen corn, but TJ’s canned corn is excellent.

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I will have to try this! I found a different brand (Sunlit) that was almost identical to the TJ brand at my local Asian grocery. It was made in Korea, and the company seems to be tied to a Korean food company. The prep was exactly the same. I tried that this weekend, and I think I actually like TJ’s version slightly better.

Did it again yesterday and the taste was great again. The only issue, and this isn’t really minor, was that 2 of the 5 pieces left from before fell apart when picked up to go into the fry pan. Maybe 24 hours in the fridge dried them out??? Not sure I should need to work so hard for this to be right.

Have been on a bit of a chill-dog or even chili-cheese dog. What “perfected” it for me was the addition of pub cheese with jalapeños into the chili and splitting a sabrett natural casing and griddling it so it got nice and raunchy on the inside. Buttered and griddled martins long roll. The chili is usually a bit spicier than I like so adding some pub cheese w/jalapeños took the last heat out and made it nicely gloppy :slight_smile:


Thanks for mentioning the tart cherry spread. It’s a yea here as well. I like that it’s a little chunky like jam and not completely smooth like some fruit spreads.


spooned a bit between the double cream gouda for a grilled cheese.

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I eyed this today and resisted. Guess there’s always next time…

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Definitely seasonal. Stock up!

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thanks for the heads up.

I pan-fried one of these today like I’ve been doing with the kimbap, and liked it a whole lot better. YEA.

Also a repeat YEA for the satay sauce. Will be stocking up on a few bottles in case it turns out to be a trial run.

Ever try the Chinese herbal drink guilinggao? Oof, that’s a bitter one.

Yea - Taiwanese “paratha” (scallion pancake) although i think it needs to be pan fried in more oil than instructed to reach full potential.

Yea - Korean pajeon (egg and vegetable pancake), but not quite at the level of the Taiwanese offering. This one looks parcooked, releases a lot of oil, and can somtimes be difficult to brown evenly.

NAY - the new sourdough bread. This one replaced the San Francisco sourdough, which was my favorite supermarket bread. The newer one has the same ingredients, but none of look, texture, or flavor of the old one. (The cracked wheat sourdough hasnt changed, though. It’s ok)


They’ve changed the sourdough 3x at my TJs in the past year. Irritating. Now all they have is the cracked wheat one, which I’m not interested in.


The new challah is inconsistent, too. I guess they are just expanding too fast and vendors can’t keep up.

Meh - Challah. Much more expensive than previous ones at $4.50. One batch was completely flavorless, the rest have varied from excellent to mediocre. Shaping is an obvious issue.

I don’t add any oil to either type of pancake — there’s so much oil in there already!

But both are YEAs for me, especially the Korean ones which are trickier to make well at home.