Trader Joe’s yea/nay/meh 2019

Ooh. This sounds like what I like about Parrano, which they stopped carrying, and the Unexpected Cheddar.

I’ve been pretty disappointed in their previous truffle products. Curious to try this out, I haven’t seen it yet at my store, but I’ve been away.

Once sufficiently steamed, the stalk cracks lengthwise. Split it open and scrape out the creamy green “marrow”, which tastes like artichoke hearts. There’s not much of it…cook’s treat, or maybe whisk into a vinaigrette.

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Out of stock by me, but they had a small jar of truffle/mushroom sauce - like the Urbani ones.

They also have a truffle spread - cream cheese based, but runnier - in the refrigerated section. Good on crackers, but likely also good on pasta.

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November Cheese of the Month - Royaal Grand Cru

Surprisingly too salty for me, esp compared to the alternatives.

I didn’t know the COTM varies according to store, or perhaps region. In my suburban Boston TJ’s, it’s Alpenhorn, a gruyere-like Swiss import.

Sorry that didn’t work out for you – I thought it was just moderately salty, as compared to say, Roquefort.

Interesting. That was COTM last month here in Vegas.

I meant compared tonparrano and old amsterdam (even the unexpected cheddar, it’s midway for me) which have those intense flavor crystals.

Yes, and very good quality. I also stock up during the fall /winter season that they stock it and draw down on my freezer stash the rest of the year. Last year I forgot to stock up before they disappeared – i’m trying to do better inventory management this year.

Sorry to hear that. I bought some the other day on celeryvictor’s recommendation and really like it, especially the crystals! I didn’t think it was especially salty. Maybe you got a bad piece?
There was plenty of it too at the Larkspur, Ca store.

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Yay to organic Bartlett pears, six packaged in a plastic bag for $2.99 at my store in MA. Even though I’d prefer to skip the plastic these pears were just short of ripe and absolutely perfect when we ate them over the next three days. Any longer would have been too long.

We’re on our second bag now. I noticed the store’s stock varied in ripeness this time, and this batch of pears needed a day on the counter before the first ones were ready to eat. Good so far.

I can’t remember the last time I found good pears in a store. Nice surprise.


I got two!

Tried these Corn Bread Bites today. I’d rate them a qualified Yay. Good corn bread flavor with just enough cheese and chili taste in the filling. Only issue was that I cooked them in my toaster oven and four of the six I cooked broke open during cooking, spilling much of the filling out. Maybe it was too hot in the smaller space of a toaster oven, but that was disappointing.


I’m just gonna drop this here… :grin:


Nay to Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato. One note. Caramel too sweet, too much base, too few cookie crumbles, none of them crunchy at all.

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A total NAY!!! These taste absolutely nothing like any falafel I’ve had before. Totally lacking in flavor IMHO. Waste of time and money.


Strange, the TJs falafel I bought some time back was in a thin cardboard box. They were about 1” high round disks and tasted great heated in the oven and stuffed in a pita.

Totally different item.

Has anyone tried the panettone?

Hmm. I feel like I’ve had the frozen falafel before and they were decent. Wonder if they change the source.

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