trader joe’s: yay/nay/meh 2022

Anyone try the new Figo! ice cream sandwiches?

Those candies kept many Jewish dentists in business!

YAY: Cornbread Stuffing, Turkey Gobbler Wrap and Turkey Sweet Potato Burrito. The wrap includes stuffing, cranberry, and cream cheese. The cornbread stuffing is tasty but the claim that it serves 5? Nay!

I assume the Danish butter cookies in the turquoise-lidded cylindrical, reindeer motif canister are the Royal Dansk cookies in the royal blue tin that everyone has somewhere, holding buttons or hair clips or stray nuts and bolts. But the cookies in the reindeer canister I got this year look mummified. If there’s any sanding sugar topping them, it has melted and re-solidified. I think, though, that there isn’t any. Perhaps I got a rogue canister. I’ll try getting another in December. The reindeer tin is the precise size of a brand of yarn cake that I use for various knitting and crochet. The royal blue tin isn’t of use to me.

Big NAY for scallopini potatoes, which seem to have substituted wallpaper paste for the various cheeses in the ingredient list. Also, what is listed as 3.5 servings is actually 2 modest ones.

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Lemon Curd. At $3.49 per jar it’s a good deal. Delicious too, especially with a plain cookie.

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The maple mustard spatchcocked chicken was back today. YEA! Except that I am going to have a critical shortage of fridge space. Not having found the chicken last week, I ordered meals from CookUnity, and it’s too late to cancel. T-day feast WAS going to be Larry and Mark Forgione’s Red Wine Short Rib with Maple Sweet Potato puree and Brussels sprouts with bacon. Now, it will have to toss a coin with the chicken. The other CU meals are all a fantastic take on mac & cheese that they don’t have often enough. Those can be frozen if I can generate the space.

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Loving the seasonal mini peppermint meringues. Not sure why I find them tastier than the big vanilla ones available all year. The peppermint might just be in the candy bits sprinkled on top of a dry and crunchy but not abrasive strong vanilla meringue.

YEA: Sweet Picante Peppers with Creamy Cheese Filling. This was an impulse buy (I know, that never happens at Trader Joe’s) from the new products endcap, and we had it as a derve before our early mini-Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Peppers are not that spicy and slightly sweet (as advertised), stuffed with what I guess is cream cheese. Would definitely buy again.


Disappointed to learn that the blueberry and açaí facial scrub has been discontinued. There are plenty of facial scrubs to be found, but I appreciated that this one came in a glass jar rather than a plastic tube or tub, as most do.

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NAY to the thanksgiving stuffing seasoned potato chips (too strong / raw flavored)

NAY to the sage cheese - I thought it might do better in a cooked prep, let’s see. As it it tastes like grass.

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sounds good and +1 for “derve.”

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Ooof. Bad flashbacks of the fratboys in my dorm getting all heated up on where they wanted to order their “'za” from. (‘pizza’, if that wasn’t clear).

It reminds me of a comedian I heard once. "Yeah, I just got out of a fairly long term relaysh… I don’t think I was mature enough for it. Which should be pretty evident by my calling a committed relationship ‘a relaysh’… "


YAY! For TJ’s kimchi. New to me packaging if not item. Very tasty although not very spicy. If ingredients list is correct, vegan although it doesn’t say so.


Sad to say, but NAY to the lemon ricotta thing… We eat & like almost anything & I picked this up after reading so many “likes”. Neither one of us liked it :pensive:

The ravioli? Or is there another lemon ricotta thing?

Not the ravioli, its the one in the cheese counter. Its kind of like cheesecake if that narrows it down. Its sweet, not in a good way, to us anyway… :pensive:


Sounds like the Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese.


Has anyone seen the full sized panettones? Usually they have them piled on up display but this year so far I have only seen small ones.

Ah, okay. Haven’t tried that.

I read the Flyer yesterday, and got a little carried away shopping today. Has anyone tried the porchetta, or the potato pancakes (frozen)? Not a holiday item, but I also got the beef birria (fresh) which was new to me. Told you I got carried away…Thanks.

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