trader joe’s: yay/nay/meh 2022

I usually go to TJ weekly; today I called to see if holiday items were in, specifically the brandy chocolate covered figs. To my great surprise, they’ve come and gone, only a small supply. I called 4 stores nearby. SAD.

I’d been saving a box from last year and recently began eating an occasional one, big treat. Hard to believe, but they were still great!


The lemon ricotta ravioli wasn’t enjoyed by anyone in my household.

Yes, we have them in Asheville.

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The lemon “zest” is just way too chunky. I tried them once and couldn’t finish them.

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No, but thanks for the heads up — hope I find them at my store!

I’ll be curious to see what you think.

Did you not get them in your shopping spree? I’m dubious that my store will actually have them…

It’s so sweet!

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In past years they would get their full supplies in for the season and would sell until gone. Now they get small amounts in more often but may be sold out when you get there. Be sure and ask if they will get more in. They will hold items for you. This happened with the glazed Lebkuchen. My store had the large panettone last week.

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4 stores told me it’s DONE for the season; it’s never gone this quickly before. Each store got a very small supply I was told.

I did get the porchetta and the potato pancakes. The pancakes were with the other frozen potato items, and the porchetta was in the fresh meat section. Good luck on your hunt!

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we were in the jacksonville fl tjs this week, they had incredible stock of xmas items including the brandy chocolates. Picked up my annual box of chocolate passports, kids like jingle jangle and we use boxes of belgian chocolate as stocking stuffers.

my d regularly consumes tjs ravioli but, fwiw, declared the lemon ricotta inedible. Frozen almond croissant seems to have disappeared :frowning:



I saw almond croissants in nyc recently so maybe just a stocking issue.

I LOVE those brandy beans. I started stocking them for a while, but they don’t last well (funny coating forms around them).

dang, had I known I’d have picked some up for you!

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Stick the brandy beans in the freezer. They’ll keep better, and I actually prefer them straight from the freezer (the brandy syrup filling doesn’t freeze solid, it stays liquid).


to date, here in fl, the best croisssant one can purchase is at TJs. The version sold in bakeries here, greasy, bread formed into a croissant-like shape, are a sin against mankind. I’m surprised France doesn’t declare war on the US for calling it a croissant. OTOH, there’s nothing wrong with publix pecan cinamon rolls heated in the over for 15 minutes :grinning:


I think you’ve suggested this to me before :joy: — and I’ve done it

But I don’t like them from the freezer - I like the melty chocolate and boozy filling mixing together when they’re room temp.

I guess I could store in the freezer and take a few out and let them thaw before eating. But really, who has that kind of patience :rofl:

Have to go check if the holiday bonanza has shown up at my store.

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Is it kinda white hazy? Might be the cocoa butter.

Burlington MA had plenty of both size panettones today.

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This year I haven’t noticed the rolled stuffed turkey breast, a good option for no more than 4-6 servings. But today I found turkey pot pie in the fridge case. I’ ll freeze for 3 weeks. 17 ounces, serves two…maybe. I didn’t notice it in the holiday flyer, can’t recall if they’ve had it in prior years.