Tovala Smart Oven--$69???

Well the price on this multi-function (includes air frying and steam oven) can’t be making the people at Breville very happy.

Or is it like a swinging deal on a printer with a pricey subscription for ink?

There’s always a catch. :eyes:

I’m trying to figure from the website how much 6 weeks of meals cost. I’m cynical that way😂

Here’s a pretty detailed review of the oven and the meals:

Kind of reminds me of the music services. “Get 13 cassettes (then CDs) for a penny!”, then buy another 13 at inflated prices within a year.

I went up through checkout, selecting their “most popular” subscription of 8 meals per week. They’re $13 per meal (even if I pushed it up to 16 meals per week) or about $104 for 8 meals. You must buy 6 weeks worth for the $69 deal to count, so at that rate I would have paid about $700 for a counter oven and some food.

If they permit one to only buy 4 meals per week for the 6 weeks (if that counts as satisfying the obligation) then I’d be under $400 total. [Edit - note there was a comment that the meal prices could change after checkout depending on particular selections, which are undertaken after checkout for some reason.]

I don’t think this is for me. I could see it being a decent option for a single person who didn’t know how to (or didn’t care to) cook.

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I’ve never really looked into this oven. Can you cancel the meal plan subscription at any time? For this ridiculous low price, I supposed they balance bill you then for the list price of the oven. Based on the meal pricing, it seemed that the real money is in the food.

I read that Spruce review and they pointed out the start up price to buy the oven was high. Guess this is Tovala’s attempt to test if this will reel in more subscribers. I think if this is the degree to which people saying want to think about food, they should just go out to eat. Why is this a draw to even stick trays in and hit “on”?

It’s the disposable razor blade replacement model of business (profits).

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Or printer toner.

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