[TORONTO] Too Good To Go App

Let’s start a thread on the Too Good to Go app. @Phoenikia and I have been sharing a few things here and abouts: https://www.hungryonion.org/t/takeout-and-delivery-in-toronto/27093/181?u=calam1ty and

Have you used the app? Is there a place that consistently makes you smile? Are there ones you’ll never go back to? Just curious.


My first successful Too Good To Go was from Kiss My Pans. The owner gave me a choice of charcuterie and cheese, or pandan croissants. I did the charcuterie and cheese, which came with breadsticks. Generous amount of cheese which seems to be Parmesan. I could tell what kind of salami was included.

I’m hoping I will be successful with Gouter or Rahier one of these days!

I noticed you can click browse, click to ignore sold out options, then rank by rating, to find the places with the best ratings from reviewers.

I mentioned our discussion to my friends who have used the app. They have found Eataly was a little stingy.

La Boulangerie available at 7:57 am, it’ll go fast!



My 2nd Purchase:

2 sticky buns and a muffin from
Butter & Spice for $4.51. I ate one of the sticky buns before taking the photo. This place is inside Death in Venice Gelato at 1418 Dundas W. The sticky bun was a day old but it still tasted good.

I also purchased a pack at The Kitten & Bear at 1414 Dundas W, next door, but I wasn’t able to arrive before the store closed. I’ll try another time.

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We got a ‘not bakery’ bag from Tre Mari. It was two lunch boxes. One had a chicken cutlet with a green salad and a salad with a few slices of beetroot. The other was another chicken cutlet with a good deal of overcooked broccoli and a heap of cheese tortellini. We didn’t really like either but would have been an OK deal otherwise at $10. We added some spaghetti sauce of our own


So if I’m interpreting correctly, businesses have to be dialed in to use the app?
Are you able to set a distance that you’re willing to travel?

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Yes, they sign up and you can choose how far you want to travel and then pin some favourites. It’s not hard to do but you’re always in the dark about what you’ll get. Let us know how you do.

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Yep. You can sort by something close to your neighborhood, or current location.

I usually have it set to 2 or 3 km radius because I walk a lot, but it’s possible to have a 20 km radius set. It’s also possible to save your favourites which might be further away.

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I went ahead and downloaded it and there were offers right here in Smallville. :slight_smile:


Right on :slightly_smiling_face:

So- I have paid for 2 Too Good To Gos that I couldn’t pick up. I was stuck on the highway yesterday, arriving at the Kitten and the Bear 15 minutes after it closed at 4 pm.

Today, I was 8 minutes late arriving at Rahier. Rahier’s window for picking up items was 25 minutes, from 4:30 pm to 4:55 pm. Their shop closes at 5 pm on Sundays. I arrived at 5:03 pm. It took 65 minutes to get to Rahier from Ossington by TTC. The estimate for travel had been 52 minutes.

I’m chubby so I took this as a sign that the Rahier carbs were not in the cards. :joy:

While I enjoyed the very affordable day-old carbs from Butter and Spice, I think I’m willing to pay full price for super fresh carbs. I might dabble with Too Good to Go but I’m going to try to stop with the carb bags that have a short pickup window!

I hear you. Also (tangent) the transit makes me tear my hair out. Yesterday I spent well over an hour just standing (no seats) at bus stops waiting and waiting.

Today a rather splendid $8 ‘large bakery box’ fron Nadege Queen Street. Several mini pains au chocolat, two full size almond croissants, three croissant sandwiches ( two chicken salad, one ham and brie) and an amazingly good giant chocolate chip cookie. We ate the cookie instantly and are about to share an almond croissant.


A Postscript - lots of croissants to get through but all were really good, and the cookie and two almond versions were decadent. Definitely couldn’t eat one alone. We would order the small bag next time if given a chance, unless we had company.


I put extra baked goods in the freezer when I have too much around.

I like the idea of this app as we want to help reduce food waste. However the time windows look like they often won’t work for my schedule.

Our version of reducing food waste has been to buy a lot of discounted groceries that are near or at their best before dates. This works great for most cheeses, bread for toasting, meat, fresh pasta, and some produce. Seafood not so much.

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i wanted them to stay crispy. it was a lot of croissants and one cookie. i hear you, though.

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My 5th purchase. $5.99 at Night Baker on College St, for 6 big decadent cookies.
I ate the sprinkled one, took one to a friend and the other 4 are for later.


Second large bag purchase from Nadege Queen Street was nothing as good as the first one ( read up). This time we got one croissant with smoked salmon and cucumber, an almond croissant, a pain au chocolat and three canelles. Far less than the last time. Lesson learned. My partner said he wouldn’t bother after this but I said maybe one more.

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The Kitten and the Bear, 3 scones and a pop tart for $5.99, when a single fresh scone is usually $5. Pretty good and not too stale.

Nut House on Bloor
Brodflour bread (I think day old. I put it in the freezer), bagels from somewhere not sure where (put in the freezer), yeast dressing with a sell by date that was a week ago but I’m sure it’s fine , steak spice with a sell by date in May but I’m sure it’s fine.

I bought a $5.99 package from Barocco x Nino, but my phone died, I didn’t have a charger and I didn’t realize the delivery window was only 4 to 4:30 pm. I had come home to charge my phone and I realized the window had closed at 4:30 pm.

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