[Toronto] [Ontario] Welcome to any new Canadian posters

Hello! From Durham Region…missing my Scarborough days! Had not been on Chowhound for years, and sorry to see it go. Hoping to find the same here!


Welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts! :slight_smile:

i signed up here just to note that i will happily attend a charles yu organized chowmeet when they resume


Small world!! Fancy meeting you here!! Yup! Hope to see you and share a chowmeet together soon!
Take care!!

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Another Chowhound here! Used to be quite active before it moved to chow com, hopefully this will be a much better experience

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Yay, @Teep! Happy to see you here!

Hi! Another former Chowhound user that has found this site. Look forward to all the discussions here.


Hello! Was also rstuart on CH… finally migrating over here and figuring it out (have always been a slow adapter)…


Welcome @rstuart! You’re going to love the baking threads! As well as the regional threads :slight_smile:

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Greetings. A longtime Toronto Chowhounder who waited until the band was playing “Nearer My God To Thee” to jump ship. Was rsvp7777 on CH. Here I’m simply Richard.


Here from Chowhound, tear I think my name was the same -because I lack imagination, formerly GTA,/ Aurora area, now Barrie.

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I’m also here from CH, I never posted much but enjoyed all your contributions. From east end Toronto.



Does anyone else find it strange that, in a food city like Montreal, there are no posters on HO (& really weren’t any on CH either)? Of course, I have a vested interest since my wife and I are going to be there for the month of May.

There was a poster named @Captcrunch who tried his best to get the Montreal Board on HO going in around 2015. He sometimes posts on IG.

I reached out to carswell recently by email, but carswell did not write back.

@lagatta hasn’t posted on HO in a long time.

The Montreal board’s local members mostly stopped posting on CH around 2015. It seems lost posts about Vancouver and Montreal are queries from travellers, in which case, it sometimes feels like work for locals to answer questions. I think locals posting about local places has to be a major part of a regional board becoming a fun place for locals to discuss the local scene.

Yeah. Usually, when local members from some area or other all stop posting on a board, it indicates that a regional board was formed. I know of groups like this in DC., Seattle, Chicago & even a couple that sprung up in NYC. But I’ve never heard of any local Montreal group and find it inconceivable that there isn’t one. I mean, with so many well regarded upscale and down home places (& everything in between) available, there’s nothing other than Eater.com? I’m not worried about finding places as I know a # of folks from other boards who have spent considerable time there (& a couple of locals). I just am a bit confused.

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I think the group of English speakers posting on Chowhound in Montreal was a fairly small group. Of course most Montrealers are bilingual, and could be posting on a French language board. I used to post fairly frequently on the Chowhound Montreal board, since I tended to visit Montreal twice a year before 2020.

I know in the case of TO, the 75 or so members here are a fraction of the 1050 members of the Chow- Toronto Facebook group started by Jonasbrand in 2015. Jonasbrand brought Charles Yu on board as a moderator/co-founder, along with Suresh Doss. Charles posts here, as well, of course. Sure

I’m not sure if there is a Montreal Equivalent on FB to ChowTO.

I got the feeling most Montreal Chowhounds were GenX or Boomers, whereas I think roughly half the people posting on ChowTO are millenials or younger. Just an observation. What I’m getting at is that I don’t think the Montrealers who used to post on CH have necessarily started posting elsewhere, the way you see posters in some American cities posting. It seemed Montreal didn’t have as many meetup groups based on Chowhound, relative to Toronto. We had a very active dinner group from 2004-2010. Some groups of Chowhounds who met through the TO board broke away from the main meetup group, and continued meeting, organizing their own smaller meetups.

MtlBlog posts a fair amount about Montreal restos on IG and Twitter.

I follow a dozen Mtl chefs and some restaurants on Twitter and IG.

Lesley Chesterman


I don’t use Eater anymore. I found the tips misleading in Hawaii and in Detroit.

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Hi All,

Happy drab April from southwestern Ontario! I posted regularly under the same username on the weekly menu planning threads on CH over the years, but haven’t for the last while. Am hoping to get back into the routine here on HO.


Hey! I’m still around - just very busy and with Covid I’m not going anywhere!

I’ll be back soon! I want to revisit my monster “Montreal food and gift” list since a ton of things has changed and I might be going out a bit more, which means more frequent restaurant reports!

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Happy you’re still around! Looking forward to seeing your newer posts, when you have time!

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