[Toronto] [Ontario] Welcome to any new Canadian posters

I’d prefer an Ontario board, knowing that most posts will be Toronto-centric. Perhaps posters can indicate or tag their specific location. That said, I don’t think I have ever posted a dining thread, and only rarely a geo-specific one (store, market, local produce) so maybe others who do can chime in.

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Thanks for your comments @pavlova :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s interesting, is that over the past 7 years, most regional dining posts on HO have been in Vancouver /Vancouver Island, and Montreal, because American HO travellers were posting about their visits.

I was posting about restaurants on CH, on FB, on IG, so I was using HO for home cooking mostly.

I think the admin will be able to help us set up an Ontario Board. Depending on where and what the posters post, maybe we will have a Toronto Board and an Outside Toronto but still in Ontario Board.

Here are the current boards. I think a Toronto/ Greater Toronto Board, and a separate Board for everywhere else in Canada would work until there are more regional posts.


I certainly see the logic behind GTA being its own region. But “everywhere else” isn’t very regional. Maybe one for western province and one for Eastern provinces would be a better fit.

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I used to post about Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Edmonton, and occasionally Winnipeg, on CH, and the Prairie Boards didn’t get much traffic. It still made sense to have them together.

I was probably the most prolific poster in Saskatchewan over the 19 years I posted lol. CHs in Calgary and Edmonton gave up after a while.

If you decide to post about local spots, be sure to use [Alberta] and the town or city in the subject line.

It’s sort of moot until we see more regional dining posts. That said,




Greater Toronto Area/ Golden Horseshoe (Oshawa to Hamilton)



Is how I would group the regional boards, if traffic wasn’t an issue.

Similar to how NYC is separate from
NY State.

Just chiming in here to say hi. I came from eGullet >> Chowhound >> Hungry Onion. Looking forward to interesting food & wine conversations here. :wine_glass:

Agree would be good to have a Toronto/Ontario sub-forum.


I signed up and posted for a bit here and then got distracted by life etc. Thought I’d have a boo again prompted by the imminent closure of CH where once upon a time I was a regular poster (mostly Vancouver, SF Bay Area and Portland. Greetings all!

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I am Bev. Had given up on Chowhounds years ago…ty for letting us know about this site
Would like GTA restaurant reviews
And delivery as well

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Hello Dr.John! This is Charles Yu! Fancy meeting you here! :laughing:
Looking forward to continuing our chats!

Hello elvisahmed,
Ah! Small world! Fancy bumping into the ’ COSTCO GURU ’ here!
Looking forward to continuing our yummy exchanges in this new universe!
Charles (Yu )

Hello all! I am ’ THECHARLES ', formerly known as Charles Yu on Chowhound.
Some of you might know me from the ‘chowmeets’ I organized. Some might through attached article.
Hopefully, if and when Covid is over, I can resume organizing some yummy chowdown for some of you you folks who are interested?!
Looking forward to continuing my contribution in this new found fraternity!


Hi all - I’m also jumping over from Chowhound. (Same username. :slight_smile: )

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Great to see you here Charles. I rely a lot on your recommendations when we venture north of Steeles.

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Welcome, @trombasteve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello All, Knusprig here. I have been at CH for at least 2 decades and posted occasionally.


Welcome to HO!

Hi Phoenikia,
I was also a long time CH lurker and happy to be joining everyone here


Happy you’re joining us here, @choux :slightly_smiling_face:

David here. Used to live at six points but now in Niagara. A regular visitor to the GTA.


Hello neighbour! We all learn so much from each other, it is an awesome group of home cooks!

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Just created a separate category for Ontario!