Toronto new restaurants organization

Dear all, if a place or topic is noteworthy, it deserves its own headline. In this case, putting all new restaurants in one large, hard to follow post does a disservice to the restaurant and the reader.

My $0.02

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I mostly park info about newly opened restaurants, bakeries or bars that I haven’t tried yet on these threads.

Dedidated thread once I try it.

Charles’ post about hakka was in response to the thread to which I linked

I posted about Doner Chi’s lame doner on this Balkan and Turkish thread Greek, Balkan and/or Turkish restaurants, bars, coffee shops, groceries and bakeries in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area [Danforth] [Scarborough] [Ossington]

@naf , could we merge this thread and this thread please?

But why? It just becomes one mass grave of restaurants. Even if untried, so what? There’s your headline. Who’s eaten at blah blah blah.

Asking to merge this with another New Places post just proves the point. Neither should exist. Each new restaurant deserves its own subject line which, in turn, gives a better timeline as to its recency, and makes it more searchable / findable.

We don’t need to hold on to our old CH habits and pitfalls. I disliked it just as much then too.

Please don’t yuck my posts.

I don’t yuck your posts. I never have.

I post when I see new spots have opened or closed.

If a place has food or drink worth a new special thread, or if it deserves a mention on a thread focused on a certain food or neighborhood, it will happen.

If you don’t like it, click mute on this thread and others that bother you.

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I’m sorry if it seems personal to you. It isn’t. You didn’t even start this thread.

I should, however, be able to express my opinion freely and ask questions so long as I’m not hurting anyone. Others may choose to agree or disagree. So long as they don’t try to hurt or silence me, it’s fair and part of an open forum discussion.

In particular, my goal here is to help both readers and restaurants. I find nothing wrong with that motivation.

Mod here. Please sort out with other Canadian members, your ideal organization here. Will glad to move whatever way you have all decided.

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Googs doesn’t want people to post in a New Restaurant thread.

She wants other posters to follow her advice and post a new thread for every new restaurant.

Some posters like having a New Restaurant thread.

People should post how and when they want.

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(post deleted by author)

Mod here. Id add two things. This is a public forum. So unless the organisation is really wretched here, people can organise how they want.

Second thing, from my own posting experience. A post per restaurant doesn’t necessarily encourage discussions. You just end up with a bunch of topics with no replies especially if the forum isn’t particularly busy. So you just end up with topic graveyards.


While wandering around HO, I saw this thread. Might I suggest a simple solution that works on the Boston board? (Honestly not sure if it’s also used here; if it is, please ignore).

Boston has an “Open/Closed - [Month, Year]” thread for Boston-area restaurants. Then if someone tries a new restaurant, they start a new thread on the Boston board, and puts a pointer link on the Open/Closed thread, if they want to.

It would satisfy all parties on the TO board: those who read the New Restaurant thread where everything is bundled, and those who want a devoted thread to said new restaurant.

Just a possible remedy.


Topic graveyards.

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(post deleted by author)

Then if you’re familiar with Googs, perhaps just ignore her posts if they’re not along the same lines as what you want? :woman_shrugging: She posted her opinion here, that’s all.

Differing opinions is what makes the world go round, after all.