Top Chef Season 18

Wow. As in Ronin? I LOVE that movie.
I was thinking that evil Gabe appearing angry rather than sad fit the villain narrative. I’m still not sure I understand LCK in this context.

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Shota and Sara need to open a restaurant together.

I could eat their food, either individually or collaboratively, all day long.


sepakku is the Japanese word for ritual suicide.
Just as in Japan, when one’s shame and loss-of-face is too great, the samurai commits sepakku; Gabriel read the tea leaves…

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Thank you! I heard about sepakku watching the movie Ronin…about 25 times. Have you seen it?

Yes; I am well-versed in the many versions of the Ronin tale.
I don’t feel Gabriel really fits the Ronin role, yet he struck me as someone who decided to fall on his sword, and check out of competition, even though he was not weak.
I still hope I may eat at his restaurant.

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It’s a Top Chef Night!

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What chef who makes it to Top Chef doesn’t think to brown meat before braising? That chef deserves to pack their knives and go on principle alone.


I was thinking I must have misunderstood that.

“Then, in the elimination round, it was Avishar’s Benghali-style beef curry that drew the “utter lack of flavor” comment plus an explanation by Kwame to the young chef that you need to sear meat to keep the seasoning and flavors in. Everyone at the judges’ table clearly felt uncomfortable that this had to be explained, but Chillhouse’s food also obviously pained them.”

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When I saw your first thought maybe I did misunderstand but no. Even The Sprout knows you should brown your meat. At least he finally got the rice cooked well.

Thanks for posting the rankings. They’re are funny though I don’t always agree.

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Or what about a Top Chef contestant that makes a dish with an ingredient that they are allergic too?


I can see having to make something you’re allergic to when you’re forced to use a particular ingredient but to select it when there are other options? That’s just stupid.


That was just dumb!!! I find I like Dawn and she can’t catch a break. She’s in the top a lot but never wins. I’d like to see her win some time!

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Dawn won in week 3 I think…


I’d forgotten. But I look at her face every time Shota beats her.

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Anyone else think Shota got sort of shafted for making chicken legs with “flabby” skin?

Not all cultures consider crispy skin de rigueur, including many Asian cultures. And definitely all the time.

Hmmm. Interesting insight! What about the color?

Have you seen Chinese soy sauce chicken?

Nothing wrong with dark and dreary.


But I don’t think his was dark. It was more like pallid.

It was really not appealing looking at all. But, I am a skin lover, flabby or not!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold