Top Chef Season 18

I’m interrupting the watching just to say that I love Padma’s hair! So chic, so shiny and bouncy!

How about Kristin’s? Not everyone can pull THAT off! And Gregory’s? Ouch! Lots of interesting hair, surprisingly not Richard ( was he there?), and NOT surprisingly, not Tom.

WOW! One of the best restaurant wars ever. Loved the Chef’s Table concept for it.

I am not happy with who was sent packing their knives when I don’t think the reason for the removal was entirely their fault. I was happy with the overall winner as that person was tied with another chef in my ranking.


Agreed - I really like the intimacy of the chef’s table. And it was fun for them to get bits of real-time feedback on the dishes, as well as allow the judges and tasters to see how the food is prep. No more blame game, and asking what happened when disaster strikes.

No spoilers here, but I would eat at that winning restaurant any day. Now I really hope that they work together and make that restaurant a reality. Everything looked really good, and was right up my alley!


I love being able to see into kitchens but I’m not usually a fan of the multi-course dinner which I find prissy. But that one just blew me away in concept and from what the judges said in execution.

I think with respect to who/why the leaving chef was sent packing there may be some blame that could have been placed elsewhere.

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She is gorgeous.

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A perfect meal for me from those two restaurants would be the the tongue sandwich, followed up with the hotpot, and finished off with that ice cream.

That would just be perfect.

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I am watching super early from a hotel room in Monterey California tonight, and loving the recipe testing idea.


I really enjoyed the recipe writing/testing theme. In fact I was surprised it hadn’t been done in the past it was such a good idea. I’ve had to write recipes for cooking classes and it is really hard.

Did anyone watch the Amateur Top Shop episode after? Any thoughts. I can’t decide if I like it or not.


I too was immediately struck by the genius of the recipe challenge; guaranteed to be a part of all future Top Chef seasons.
The aside that all the judges were working on cookbooks caught me, and sent me down a rabbit-hole (if I buy and cook from Padma’s book will I look thin and gorgeous like her?).
Who’s book would you be most likely to buy, and why?
I feel most akin to the Asian fusion chefs, and would be VERY interested in Melissa King’s book and maybe others.
For reasons, I do want to see Sarah come back (Portland native here…)

LCK spoiler alert.

Oh, and I thought the amateur thing was dumb and irrelevant.
Just like any number of cooking shows. Nix that.

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I’m surprised I didn’t bump into you somewhere in that rabbit hole. I was there too. I was actually surprised that there weren’t more books written by TC alum. The only one I’ve ever seen in person is VOLT:Ink by the Voltaggio Brothers. It’s more of a coffee table book than one I would cook from. It stayed on the shelf.

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Tonight seemed especially poignant.

“They’re both crying!”
Or maybe
"They’re both crying!

I’ll have to watch again.

I like the blind tastings and tag team thingies.
More Dawn… more tears, and Brook is everywhere on Food Network!

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Yeah, WTF was up with all the weird permutations in Last Chance Kitchen this season. Stop that.
I don’t think recreating a dish from a “blind tasting” is a great challenge (although they did do a pretty good job of it.) Those crazy French…
What I would like to see is the JUDGES tasting the contestants food blind. That would reduce bias (but probably reduce the drama to a level too low to perceive.) There is one cooking contest that did this and I immediately saw this is the only fair system.
There was precious little Oregon in this episode. Oh well.
The tears did not affect me until the very end where …

Jaime was going to hit a sacrifice fly to let Maria continue to run. This seemed genuinely touching.
I think they worked it out in a beautiful way, and while I don’t think Jamie has a serious chance at the title, I do think she is deserving of the next round.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold