Top Chef Season 18

I must have missed that - what was it?

He said something to the effect of “I’ll say what everyone is thinking … this dish is just too white.”

It was what I was thinking as the dish was being described.

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Tom says

“But…these designer mashed potatoes? I’m kind of over it.”

Kwame says after the goat cheese, his mouth is taken hostage.


Yes, I’ve watched it a few times.


look at you with the captioned screen grabs! Impressive :wink:


And the table that you can see behind Amar in @shrinkrap’s screenshot must have heard Richard, because they immediately looked over and let out what looked like chuckles and gave some looks of acknowledgement to Richard.

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I choose not to watch, goodbye Portland.

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It’s odd that so many of the contestants used scallops as their protein of choice.

I would imagine red meat of some sort, or even pork, would have been a more popular choice. Was there even a beef or pork dish? I can’t recall.

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I think that may have to do with how long it takes to cook scallops versus meat, and how much attention they require. A quick sear and scallops are done, leaving the chef with more time to focus on other aspects of their dish.

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I can’t believe I don’t know this, but if we are talking about the quick fire, didn’t they have to choose before they knew the challenge? Scallops would probably safe for a lot of challenges. As soon as I heard yellowtail I was thinking I would go with yellowtail, which tou can easily justify “not cooking”.

True, but then I would think one of them would have made a beef tartare of some sort.

I’ve had really good tartare with watermelon, as well as peaches and lemon rind, amongst other accoutrements of course.

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Ah well… beep beep boop whrrrr akak.


I just realized I should mention that the links contain spoilers.


I’m pretty bold about eating things raw. That tartare sounds amazing.

Spoiler alert!

I really enjoyed this episode and I find I am liking Maria more and more. As they say, she is a beast in the kitchen. It was a lot of fun to see Padma doing those little skits and getting a kick out of it. She is seeming somehow more human these days. I will miss Jamie - she actually made Tom and Padma laugh naturally.

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Hard to believe “cauliflower tots” survived to cook another episode.

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He’s a “villain”, but I think he’s a contender.

@winecountrygirl; Yes! Padma was fun . She was cracking herself up!

@ipsedixit; so much for my rankings.

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I love the Uproxx redux, but I don’t always agree…
I think we can dispense with “spoiler alerts”
Avert your eyes below if you have not seen LCK.

I am shocked that Gabriel Pascuzzi was eliminated. I thought Nelson should have been kicked to the curb several times, but Gabriel’s cooking was not at the bottom. Then Nelson slaughters salmon, and has no excuses. After elimination he packs it in with a joint problem. OK. Why could not you have done that before the final round?
Gabriel, WTH? You saw what Nelson was doing to that salmon; why did you not just be all dominating like everyone has been accusing of throughout the whole competition, and make the salmon better?
Evil Gabe eliminated. I am probably the only one who will miss you.
And then in LCK he commits sepakku with a damn watermelon salad. He clearly was over it. He resigned. Fine.
Wool, the two that are back in will be interesting, but I feel the structure of the challenges where two are eliminated, only to have one return is a bit daft.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold