Top Chef Season 18

““From the Oregon Ducks to bird-watching, Portland is obsessed with birds.” We are? “With over 500 species of birds just in Oregon, it’s no wonder why,” she said.”

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Birds. Texas has birds.

Birds found in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas (

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I think I found the person who broke into the national Strategic AquaNet Reserve.



I’ve tried watching Top Chef and can’t get interested. The female host who took over in the second season (I think) has a tediously monotonous voice and sounds like she’s reading everything.

I found Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares far more entertaining and informative.

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I agree on Richard’s hair. If I am going to be “known” for something, I sure don’t want it to be my hair!

Even my 3 year old was like, his hair is VERY SILLY.

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He seemed to have toned it down in the next scene.

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He ran out of AquaNet.

They are quarantined, after all. You can only bring so much on an airplane before they declare it an explosive device.



OMG, thank you for reminding me of the Uproxx.
Always good for multiple chuckles and one guffaw.


@SushiDavid, here’s the next one!

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Thanks for posting the link! It was en enjoyable read!

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I have to say, it really looks like Tom and Padma are getting a kick out of some of this batch of cheftestants. They seem to crack up a lot more than they ever did.

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I think there must be a giddiness with that amount of social interaction.


“Are we good?”

Bullying or consensus building?

Re-watching season six, where Jenn is described as soft spoken just before we hear her say “are we good?”.

Of course, this is about Top Chef, but I keep finding myself thinking about other leadership roles, on and off various "platforms ".

I think it depends on how many seconds pass between the question and moving on. No telling with the Magical elves.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold