Top Chef Season 14

Newbies vs. Oldies

Anyone going to watch?


I might if I can figure out what channel it’s on here.

The show has lost its luster for me. I haven’t watched the last few seasons.

I’ll probably watch the first episode if I think of it at the time, to see if the returning chefs act like tools and decide from there.

I’ll watch, as I’ve been waiting for them to choose Charleston as the location. But like Thimes, after Boston, it had begun to lose its luster.

And I see they’re going the “Survivor” route - bringing in an equal number of veterans from previous shows against newbies. Hopefully they don’t bring back the jerks from previous seasons, like Phillip Lee.

Or bring back those stupid challenges - from whatever season that was where they had to cross country ski and shoot at ice to get their ingredients.

TC-Texas, when they went to British Columbia for the finale. I think they caught major flak for that stunt, and got back to better competitions after that debacle.


TC Texas was IMO the worst season. Stupid challenges and lousy contestants.


Agreed - this change in format to a “Survivor” format with two teams makes me worried that they may go down that road again though . . . . . I don’t think they ever really understood what made the show so popular in the beginning and so tried different (and often horrible) things along the way. This feels like more of that confusion.

But again, I’ll watch the first episode (if I think of it, not putting it in the DVR) and see . . . .

Paul Qui and Edward Lee notwithstanding.

And while I know others liked Sarah (the other finalist against Paul) and Heather Terhune, I didn’t like their bullying of Beverly Kim. I’m very glad to read that Beverly Kim found a place for her restaurant - and it’s earned a Michelin star!

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I agree. I found them very nasty.

Worst season ever. Also the stupid challenge where they had to ride bikes and find a kitchen they could cook in. Awful stuff.


Sam’s back! Always thought he should have won season 2. Casey looks totally different.

Here’s a list of the 8 old and 8 new contestants for the season:

I was never a fan of Sam’s and the whole Casey/Carla fiasco turned me off Casey. I can’t say I have any strong feelings about the returnees.

To my surprise, a short trailer appeared on my DVR the other day (apparently once I record a series it stays on the record list). It seemed like the first ten mins of Episode 1 and at least they were really cooking.

So I’ll probably do what I’ve been doing the past few seasons: let the DVR record it and watch when I get around to it. Especially so this season as it’s beginning during the holiday season.

Sam was my favorite that season. But the Casey/Carla thing turned me off to Casey as well.

Yep, me too. And I was enjoying it too. I actually never see it when its on, so I can’t help Linda Whit (who’s not doing her recaps anymore :frowning: ) But I’ll watch it then read the recap on Eater or wherever there is a funny one.

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I liked Sam Talbot; it’ll be interesting to see how he’s changed since he went into virtual Top Chef hiding and didn’t appear on any following seasons, even as a guest judge, IIRC, until more recently. Like @winecountrygirl, he was my favorite. And I grew to dislike Casey during the All-Stars.

As for John Tesar? GAH. Just kill me now.

Interesting that there are 7 returnees (that’s a lot!) and 8 newbies. So does one get booted before they even get to cook?

Like you, @gaffk, I’ll DVR and watch it on a non-busy night.

I count 8 returnees: Sam, Casey, Amanda, Brooke, Sheldon, John, Shirley and Katsuji.

Of these, I guess I’ll be pulling for Brooke and/or Sheldon. Thankfully TC Texas is not represented.

OK, I must have missed counting on one of my fingers. You’re right.

And as for TC-Texas, I’d like to see Edward Lee again, but sounds like he’s busy with his three restaurants,

Yeah, I don’t think Edward needs any additional publicity at this point.

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I have to admit - from just looking at their press photos on that link - I don’t remember most of the returning chefs . . . . . and I’ve watched every season. Maybe once I see and hear them it will spark my memory but from the press photos . . . not so much.

Guess I’m the odd man out as I’m psyched for a new season of Top Chef. Perhaps it’s the election, but I could use some serious non seriousness for the winter.


I am too, juniorballoon!