Top Chef Season 14

I have a free month of Hulu and they have episodes of Top Chef. I am watching season 1. It was almost a different show. The chefs were younger and in many cases less experienced - Candace was in culinary school, for instance. And some were more talented than I remembered, like Dave. I’d forgotten he made it into the finals. And I see why they replaced Katie as hostess - quite boring! And the judges often instigated things, like asking the chefs in the top three who should go home. Tiffany was certainly a biatch! I’m almost done with season one then I’ll probably skip to 6 - with the Voltaggio’s. I have till the end of December! I am really enjoying the old episodes.

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I watched last night’s episode, and I liked it…there were a few I liked and disliked from both returnees and newbies. However, it was only the first episode - based on previews, one of the newbies seems abrasive, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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I watched the last 1/2 (recorded it so will watch it in full later).

I liked what I saw. And after watching it I just don’t remember Amanda … anyone remember what season she was from or a highlight from her that I might remember?

Amanda was Season 7 - Washington, DC. (Kevin Sbraga was the winner that season). She was asked to PYKAG and ended up in 6th place.

I was underwhelmed by Episode 1, sorry to say. And sad not to see John go.

I remember all the old chefs well except Amanda. And I’m totally rooting for SHIRLEY!!!

What’s with that sociopathic new chef? Is it elf-driven drama ?

Oh, and Leah Cohen who slept with Hoseah was a judge on Chopped last night…

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I watched it and it was ok. Like others here I have absolutely no memory of Amanda. I would go back to CH and scan the threads from her season, but searching that site makes my head spin.

Unlike most, I still don’t like Sam and I don’t dislike Tesar :dizzy_face:

And some of the previews of upcoming episodes have me concerned it will soon devolve into a Texas-style debacle.

And I would absolutely love t spend a week (or year) in that house!

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One of the newer cable networks, Esquire I think, showed most of the TC seasons constantly last year (not season 1 I don’t think) and it was great to catch up. The main thing I remember about season 1 (I think I saw that on Hulu as well) was how fairly mellow the chefs were about getting their ingredients for the cooking challenges, not the mad dash every time like we have now. But that was also the season Tiffany and Lee Ann fought over whether time had run out. A lot of changes happened from there!


Leah has made a fair tv comeback in the last couple of years, judging on Beat Bobby Flay and doing very well on Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight show.

I saw her on an episode of Mike Colomecco’s Real Food. Can’t stand her.

Is Knife Fight still on somewhere?

Doesn’t look like they did a season this year. Old episodes are available on their home page though.

I liked the show quite a bit at first but it got kind of exhausting at the end, with brackets and exotica.

In my mind one of the reasons that Survivor adn Top chef are still on and going strong is the straight forward format. Every week someone goes home and you can clearly follow the story. With most of the other competitions, The Voice (which I realize is still wildly popular), America’s got talent and the know defunct American idol, I get lost towards the end on what the next stage is who’s at risk and how it will rap up. there always seems to be a million quarter final.



I just watched it this morning - I said the same thing! But there’s always LCK.

I recently finished rewatching season 2 and really wanted him to take 14! I hope he can pull,off LCK!


Who makes bahn mi with brioch???

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Yeah, this was “his take” - but this was also one of those times that Tom said “if you call it a bahn mi, make it a real bahn mi (i.e, on a baguette)”.

When he was at WFM talking about the buttery brioche matching well with radishes I knew it wouldn’t go well for him…

I yelled at him “don’t do it!” Thinking to myself at least dear God don’t call it a bahn mi because that’s not what it is and you surely will be called out on it.

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I know. If he didn’t call it a Bahn Mi he might still be there.

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They do get upset when you aren’t exact that way. Not sure how I feel about that. If it tastes good but they don’t like the description … seems petty.

That said - I know it is supposed to be on a baguette but honestly - other than shape - I’ve never had a bahn mi on something that by itself I would be happy eating as a “baguette”. It’s always more of bread shaped like a baguette.

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