Top Chef S13E12. . . . no post?

So life was busy this week and I’m just getting around to catching up on a few things - came looking for a thread about Top Chef . . . . and there seems to be nothing ???

I’m not sure what this means for Hungry Onion . . . . are we loosing interest in the blog (or is the fight to get back at CH diminishing with time) . . . . or are we just not watching TC anymore (I’m not engaged in this season, no real reason why)??? (or maybe there is a huge thread somewhere and I’ve just missed it).

There is a post on CH but it is also very lackluster - so maybe it is the beginning of the end of TC (or maybe we just need Linda back :smiley: sorry Linda, if you read this I’ll let it go so you can forge a new identity, they were just so good and appreciated - so it is meant as a compliment).

I’m watching. And I will comment. I’m just not starting the threads. :slight_smile:

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I’m watching it and enjoying it. The threads on CH are not much better. I, not sure if people are just losong interest in talking about it.

I recapped a few episodes this season (like this one: Top Chef Ep. 5, 1/7/2015-SPOILERS ). But as I mentioned in another thread somewhere: they can’t live up to LW’s recaps, they didn’t generate much interest and I don’t usually watch an episode until a day or two later.

I don’t think this really says anything about HO. Chowhound, with its much larger user base, also has very lackluster threads this season as well. Even the Bravo site seems to be lacking the lively blogs of seasons past.

I’m watching this season, but I’m really not as into it as in the past. Maybe it’s a lack of lively personalities among the chefs. We’re down to 5 or 6 and I’m still not sure of all their names and have no real rooting interest in any of them.

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I really don’t have a favorite this time. I had a couple I didn’t like and they’re gone. In the past I had a specific person that I thought should win or really should not. This time - eh!

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Kwame fell on his knives by using frozen waffles.

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Seriously - the minute he said he was going to use frozen waffles I knew he was a goner. Has he never watched Top Chef?


I’d like to see Amar and Marjorie in the final 2

I’m still not sure who I’d like to see in the finale. I originally thought Jeremy deserved to be there, but his performance in RW was rather dismal. I’m liking Carl (from Boston, who has opened his new restaurant, and it’s getting rave reviews), and I think Marjorie deserves to be there. And don’t forget - there will be someone coming back from LCK.

Here’s the Contestant Progress so far:

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I’m a few episodes behind. But I liked Isaac and Marjorie

I just think Amar is cute, haha

Carl and the current LCK champ are deserving for sure. Would love to see Isaac do well too, but his cuisine seems limited.

I liked Isaac in the beginning, but I agree with you - it’s the same thing as “This is Top Chef! It’s not Top Scallop!” You could say “This is Top Chef! It’s not Top Jambalaya!”

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Im rooting for Carl!

Im going to eat at his restaurant next week :slight_smile:

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I forget who, but someone posted a review on the Boston board after eating there last week. Said it was ab-fab stellar, and Chef Carl came out to thank them for coming in. Could be a tough reservation to get. :slight_smile:

This is the one!

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Can I just say, I love Hubert Keller and really enjoyed this episode, especially having had the good fortune of dining at Fleur de Lys on a SF visit a while back. It was fun seeing all the chefs that attended the dinner, and oh, my our Harold has gained a pound or two! I was also glad to see Jeremy back on his game. His food looked beautiful.

on the preview for next week, Carl is shown in the kitchen… but so was Kwame. I’m hoping Amar makes it back in!

They may have been brought in to help as they usually do in the finals…

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I realize that. That’s why I mentioned kwame too…

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Oh, C, please report back after your dinner!