Top Chef Kentucky


I cannot stand the weird filmography with the slow motion footage … its very annoying.

So far, more annoying to me that even Brandon and his perfect pompadour


Thanks for not saying who they are. I didn’t realize what you were talking about until I thought about LCK. Didn’t watch it last week - will try and watch tonight.


I too was puzzled! I completely forgot about LCK. I’ll need to watch it tomorrow and catch up!

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I watch it on demand and it didn’t show up till today

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Yup, despised him immediately. Yes, Atherton = olds with old money.


He came across poorly, but cooking for an old money Atherton certainly doesn’t make him an old money Atherton.


I wonder if they tell the cheftestants “you’re going to be the villain!”.

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True, but I’m sure he thinks he’s super charming to the the old rich ladies.


I think at this point contestants come in thinking “I’m going to be the villain” (or insert character type here).

These shows have a dual casting process - 1) can you cook (or meet the specific requirement of the show) and 2) how are you “as a character” going to make this show interesting. To fulfill the second requirement, people come in trying to be a character to up their chances of getting cast - and they know the “better” their character, the more screen time and better chance of “being in demand” after the show (for TV purposes - interviews, spin off opportunities, “best of” shows, etc).

The gamble being that the world may end up hating your “character” and you have trouble adapting back into your old life.


Finally remembered to watch LCK last night before I went to sleep. I like one of the vets, I’m OK with the second, but wish the 3rd wasn’t there. I thought for sure the one I like was going to win based on described flavors, but not to be. Plenty of future LCKs to get through.


Carrie was my favorite contestant of her season. She seems down to earth to me. And I always liked that she made “fancy toast” and everyone made fun of her. Then she won with it!


I liked Episode 2 of TC-KY. I was SO hoping the chef who got immunity would win immunity, as his QF dinner looked the best (for my tastes). And OH MY, Gail Simmons was ready to have that baby! LOL

And the person who won the Elim Challenge - good on her! But oh boy - one chef really screwed up in using up most of budget. Why didn’t other chefs speak up and say they NEEDED their ingredients?

And LCK - I think the right person was sent packing.

Recap here from the KY Courier Journal - it has spoilers:


I’m with you on the immunity thing. Like I guess the only benefit to winning immunity there would have been if they were on the losing team and also had the worst dish? I said the same thing about Gail and the super expensive, unplanned lamb.

I am bummed about who went home on this episode. I thought that person was really going to go the distance! I didn’t watch LCK yet but will try to get to it today.


Right now I’m feeling bad for this guy (can’t remember his name). He was already feeling overwhelmed and like he was screwing up (based on car ride conversation earlier in the show) - and then this lamb price screw up . . . . I think he is going to implode, which I feel really bad for him about. The “show stress” has really infected him already.

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Just watching now. I liked how Padma hugged Kelsey because she was tearing up about leaving her new born.

Just finished. I am sorry about who went home and happy for who won. need to watch LCK.


Isn’t missing your child usually a harbinger? Or maybe SAYING you miss your child. Which in this case was quickly followed by “I’m not going!”, or something like that.

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Yes, actually. The person who misses their child usually gets to PYKAG that day. But not so this time!


Big thanks for last week’s link. Here is week 2:

We went to Chef Dave’s restaurant on Saturday night and it was incredible. We basically ordered the whole menu and I am still thinking about it. The next day Heirloom Kitchen was hosting a dinner with a few of the contestants. We saw Joe Flamm hanging out having dinner with the other owner.


From the Power Rankings

" her grandma was “a shaman for one of the most violent tribes in Mexico.”

Come again? I have so many follow-up questions. How do they even decide the most violent tribes in Mexico, anyway? Is there a US News & World Reports ranking of the most violent tribes in Mexico? Don’t leave me hanging here!"

:grin: *
That’s exactly what I was thinking!@ In fact, I immediately looked it up. Nada.

( * this emoticon feature lets you pick other colors, but it doesn’t work. What a tease!)


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