Top Chef is Coming Back

Finally a date! I very working my way through the old seasons again, (skipping a few cringeworthy seasons and episodes).

Also watched a documentary called " Her Name is Chef" which included live interviews with Fatima Ali.

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Leia Gaccione

Hometown: Passaic, NJ
Current city of residence: Morristown, NJ
Occupation/Profession: Chef/Owner, south+pine American eatery

"Host of 'Her Name is Chef ’ "

Monique Feybesse

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Current city of residence: Vallejo, CA
Occupation/Profession: Chef/Owner of Tarts de Feybesse


Hope it’s nothing like the last one in Texas.


That was the worst


It’s Top Chef night! Can this thread be re-titled "Top Chef is back!

@winecountrygirl ; where you at???


Hi Shrinkwrap!!! I’m excited. I haven’t watched it yet but will today. We moved to Florida and building a house so it’s been hectic. I’ll report back later. Thanks for the wake up!!!

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I kind of miss the snarky recaps. That is half the fun of watching Top Chef!


Stephanie Izard, the squeaquel.

That cracked me up

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Thanks for the link! He said lots of things I thought, but a lot funnier!

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I know but something about that just got to me

Was expecting the team who pulled the dessert out of for this challenge to get a bigger shout out. These early episodes are tough to hear more of the critique because there are so many cheftestant. This one definitely felt a bit light on feedback even by the usual standards. I’m kind of surprised though that as a chef someone wouldn’t have heard of that dessert before.

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I just need to say this. I’m watching now so I have no show opinions yet, but yikes, Brook’s hair?? I’m not a Brook fan and now she looks like Pebbles Flintstone. Thanks for letting me vent.


Hysterical. I watched the last 1/2 of episode 1 and episode 2 last night (ok, 1/2 watched as I was doing 15 different things and never did figure out the bizarre scoring system in the EC). But I sure did notice Brook’s hair . . . it was fascinating, and not in a good way).

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“bizarre scoring system”

Perhaps unless you or your family members are in to certain sports. For me, I had to concentrate; not what I want in a cooking show.

I didn’t notice Brook’s hair. I have watched the younger Voltaggio brother’s hair in various cheftestant venues. He has to know there will be more hair to experiment with. Must be nice.

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So far, although the chefs are very talented, I’m not enjoying it as much as I used to. I miss the personalities and the arguments. Much more fun! Food is great.


I think that the personalities will come out as the season progresses. I can see some tensions already.



I agree. I think this is a much more accomplished group of chefs, at least compared to the first few year of TC. Back then it seemed that the chefs were ”younger” in their careers (though not necessarily chronologically) and needed the exposure the show gave them. Many of this season’s chefs seem more accomplished than past winners ever even became. I haven’t decided how I feel about.

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