Top Chef Ep. 5, 1/7/2015-SPOILERS

So we’re back after a long holiday break. In fact, they start with a pretty lengthy recap of the last challenge.

Quick Fire is a visit to a date farm. Isaac cracks me up with the date machete. . Then back to the Culinary Arts school to prep a date dish based on their best date night. They’re met by Chrissy Thiegen, who is apparently married to John Legend. Him I’ve heard of, her not so much. Both Kwame and Chrissy are very taken with Chrissy’s sexiness.

Carl says his dish, a milkshake is based on a time when he bought ballet tickets, but then had his tonsils out, so his date bought him a milkshake and they just hung out. But when presenting the dish, he says his wisdom teeth were extracted causing them to miss the ballet. Mom always said liars have to have good memories. Doesn’t matter anyway, the ladies don’t think his milkshake lived up to the level of the other dishes.

Isaac’s date was his 10th anniversary with his wife in France. He made a chicken and date dish, but did the celeb du jour really ask him if he and his wife had sex that night? Blech. But he’s in the top.

Giselle is driving one of the other chefs nuts trying to find cooktops that work. Noone else seems to be having problems, They don’t like her dish. They don’t like the guy whose best date is with his daughters. Dooshnozzle (Phillip) reveals he used to work for Stefan Richter. His dish looks disgusting and the judges don’t like it either. A few of the chefs aren’t interested in dating.

They like Jason’s, Isaac’s and Giselle’s. Jason gets immunity for the elimination challenge. Art Smith and his partner are going to renew their vows along with a wedding for 25 same-sex marriages: A big fat gay wedding according to Art. Art is going to furnish the cake (though the chefs also have to make dessert). And Padma got ordained so she could preside at the wedding. Hmmm.

The chefs have to work as a team. So there’s the usual jabbering trying to come up with a cohesive menu and the mad scramble through WF.

Isaac works alone to create a dirty rice dish.

Doosh is making steak and mashed potatoes while Kwame is making a sauce for that dish. He proclaims it’s his dish, but Kwame is making the garnish for it. He essentially turns the potatoes into a whipped cream consistency. Kwame: “Even if that’s what you’re trying to make, that isn’t good.”

Jason is going to work on a cabbage roll with Angelina. That seems like a weird working pair. Actually, Jason really got on my nerves this episode. He reminds me of that kid in school who always had to point out to the teacher when someone else is wrong and he’s right.

Marjorie and wisdom tooth boy are doing dessert. Is Marjorie the most low-key chef ever?

Wes and Kwame are making a shrimp and cucumber salad. I loved the way Wesley sliced the cukes. These two guys are really growing on me.

Karen and Giselle are making an asparagus salad. They don’t work very well together. Giselle acts more like a line cook on her first day at work.

Two dudes are making pork belly.

Jeremy is making carrots.
We get lots of snippets of the chefs and their spouses. And there’s a weird yoga interlude (Wesley does the yoga in his mind . . . hysterical).

And the wedding is underway. Padma gets choked up. Art Smith couldn’t manage to find a suit that fits him for his big day. I’m pretty sure the guy should be able to afford a tailor, but maybe none would agree to work on the horrendous green jacket he chose.

Then they eat. Jason has a writing background and creates descriptions for each course. Hmmm.

Judges really like the shrimp. They really like the carrots. They really like the pork belly. They really like the dirty rice. They really like the cabbage roll. They don’t like the asparagus salad. They don’t like what Doosh has done to the potatoes, but Kwame’s relish saves the dish. They love the dessert. So it’s not clear who’s going to win, but we can guess Phillip, Karen and Giselle will be competing for elimination.

So Wes and Kwame win with the shrimp. Wes is very kind in his praise of Kwame’s contributions to the dish. And Kwame wins! On the bottom are Kwame (?!) and Phillip and Giselle and Karen. From the sidelines, Jason chimes in to throw Doosh under the bus. Then Marjorie chimes in to complete the bus wreck. Karen did all the cooking. Giselle throws Karen under the bus, Karen throws Giselle right back. Then Giselle throws Doosh under the bus. In the end, they determine Giselle didn’t really do anything, so she’s gone.

And it’s on to San Diego.

Thanks for the re-cap. I really thought more people would have jumped on the delusionary Phillip bandwagon, but I wasn’t surprised he’s still around. His ‘cuckoo for coco puffs’ attitude is entertaining enough in a freaky sort of way that I can see him hanging around for a bit more to antagonize the group.

I’m with you on Chrissy Teigen asking the chef about what happened after the date. My reaction was totally …'WTF? How is that appropriate and any of her beeswax?" If they really liked that sound bite, seemed like it would have been better to fit it into those weird, out-there interludes that they’ll show mid-commercial break than in the judging commentary.


I like that Kwame calls the guest “John Legend’s wife”. 'Cause THAT is a claim to fame.


HAH!!! Exactly what I thought while watching it. Quickly got bored with the both of them during the QF. Too much fawning. Both from Kwami, and self-fawning from Chrissy. I really dislike her. Famous for being married to John Legend? (Yes, I know she was a model, but…) The few times I’ve watched the lip-synch battle show she is on, I want to smack her.

And this is where Kwami redeemed himself in my eyes. The “potato cream” looked like a pool of vanilla sauce. I refuse to believe that this is continually served in ManBun’s restaurant, and people actually like it.

I was REALLY hoping that this was ManBun’s undoing, but when I heard Tom pointing out Giselle not really doing much of anything, I knew it was her turn to go. Maybe next week for ManBun.

I thought this was a very entertaining episode with all of the throwing under the bus that was going on! I think they made the right choice with Giselle. ManBun’s potatoes were gross, but he stood by and defended them. I’m liking Marjorie and hope she quietly coasts along - that dessert looked great. I’m liking Wes a lot more now too. He’s grown on me. Looking forward to watching next week to see what ManBun and Angelina will do next.

I am enjoying this season a lot more than last year. Man bun reminds me of Marcel, but Marcel was a better chef.

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Completely unrelated, but this was on my Facebook feed this morning and I loved it:


ManBuns were part of a discussion at a large family gathering last night. They’re called “top knots” in Great Britain, but I think my stepbrother didn’t realize these were Princess Leia-type buns at the back of the head that ManBun wears, not top knots on top of the head as Japanese sumo wrestlers often have.

And OMFG. They sell clip-on man buns. The world has gone MAD!


“Doosh is making steak and mashed potatoes while Kwame is making a sauce for that dish. He proclaims it’s his dish, but Kwame is making the garnish for it. He essentially turns the potatoes into a whipped cream consistency. Kwame: “Even if that’s what you’re trying to make, that isn’t good.”

The problem is he didn’t turn them into a whipped cream consistency. He MASHED HIS POTATOES IN A DAMNED BLENDER and turned them into a potato poster glue consistency. Gross.


Yes! Isn’t this the second time he’s made some wildly popular dish from his resto that was a complete fail? Guess I know where I wouldn’t eat if I found myself in LA>[quote=“LindaWhit, post:4, topic:3089”]
Maybe next week for ManBun.

We can only hope.


Well, it’s a vegan restaurant. so I know I wouldn’t be there. I can’t recall, what was it that made it “Potato Cream”? Did he use milk or heavy cream? Isn’t that non-vegan?

He used cream and butter. But then he put it in a blender.

Then I sincerely doubt he serves this “all the time” in his vegan restaurant.

I just checked him out on Google. His second restaurant (Gadarene) is vegan, but his original restaurant (Scratch Bar) serves everything, including a filet and potato.

OK, he’s talked about the vegan restaurant several times on the show, I believe, so that led me to believe he was more vegan focused.

But if this story is still valid from July 2015, Lee is no longer involved with Scratch Bar, although his TC profile says he’s still looking to move it to Encino. Looks like his partner reopened it without Lee’s knowledge, and the partner is doing the cooking. But I guess Lee’s still co-owner.


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