Titanium coated knives?

Has anyone used titanium coated knives? Are they just a gimmick? Or do they offer any advantages (e.g. non-stick)?

Looking for a paring knife and thought titanium might help with things like citrus fruit, reduce bananas from sticking, etc.

if it’s just a coating, it’s probably for resistance to corrosion. i don’t think it’s worth it personally.

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I don’t see the point. The knife blade is already stainless AUS-8. What is the point of coating it with titanium? A TUO paring knife with AUG-8 steel and a black coating is $50. A Tojiro DP paring knife with VG-10 steel is also $50. My opinion is it is over priced for its quality. No, I don’t think “nonstick” coating on a knife really prevent sticking.

Straight up gimmick. Titanium is a coating that is used industrially to prevent abrasion and corrosion far beyond anything that piece of carbon or stainless will ever encounter.

Thanks. I was just curious.

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