Timing on wine quality discussion after a disaster

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@VikingKaj - As someone who knows several people directly affected by these fires, I find your fume comment flippant and offensive. If you don’t have anything constructive to add to the discussion, how about refraining from comment?


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How is the statement flippant and offensive? As Phild made direct reference to, fires such as this affect the quality of the grapes in the area? The thread states specifically vineyards are in the affected area’s so how is saying the entire vintage this year will have a Smokey texture offensive?

I’m not being confrontational but I’m sincerely curious. Thank you

I’m chillaxin. You should too.

Peace, love and Haight Ashbury to you !

PS. We have good friends in Yountville, who texted us last night and are fine.

Fumé rouge coming up.

I can be pretty insensitive w/humor so don’t mean to sound holier than thou, but in a case where many people experienced unspeakable deaths, perhaps it’s kinder to err on the side of caution & avoid the flip side. ?

I doubt either poster meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. I wouldn’t normally state the obvious, but since you asked. . .???

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I fail to see humor or a flip side to his comment, two people brought up the vineyards / wineries before him, neither were considered flippant or non compassionate. A poster or two commented in agreement with his comment yet they aren’t considered objectionable.

Again please so my what is so offensive? It’s a valid comment in direct response to others who brought up the topic. I just don’t see it, with all due respect to anyone who has suffered.

Thank you @jammie. The “fume” poster may not have meant their remark to be flippant, but I think it came off that way, hence my response.


I guess we should leave it that flip is a subjective thing.

It’s really about intent, some folks are driven by ego and are more invested in choosing to diplay their wit here than being sensitive to others. You may fail to see the humor, but someone else did and they found the post/ posts/comment offensive. As a moderator you have a responsibility to remain neutral and take everyone’s experience here into consideration. If someone says they find something offensive then they found it offensive. You can state that you personally do not take offense but apologize to that person if they did … makes for a happier healthier site.


I am not the moderator for this page, however the owner of the site both engaged in the conversation of the wineries -AND- specifically said the post didn’t violate the terms of the site.

My questions are for my own reasons in trying to figure out why one persons post is chastised over others.

you can do better than that
I think the carbs have taken over
your brain tell them to bring notJr back

and I think you know the reason

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Not that I expect you to be an expert on Freudian theory, but my posts are all pretty much pure id.

I’d say relatively little ego is involved, and definitely no super ego.

For the record I’ve replied to NotJr privately because I think the further we get into this the more painful it might be for some people.

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Didn’t see the original ‘fume’ post until I found this topic and had already posted to the other thread. I’ll assume it was tongue-in-cheek for now. I’m not usually sensitive to ‘too soon’ humor, but, given the extreme loss of property and life in these fires, I’d say it was badly timed to say the least. Beyond that… it’s just not based on any facts and, in this digital era, can only cause harm. Just my 2¢.

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