Northern California/Napa/Santa Rosa Fires

It’s hitting the news in the L.A. area - hope everyone is safe!

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According to one of the Chowhounders, Melanie Wong, Willi’s Wine Bar/Santa Rosa burned to the ground in 30 min. It’s in the same general area as Fountaingrove Inn and the Hilton, both of which were also lost.

We stayed at the Fountaingrove in 2016 and it was a lovely place to stay, very centrally located, newly redone and well-run. A real loss.

These wineries have damages:

Stags Leap
Signorello Estates
Chateau St. Jean

Melanie also reports that her house in Santa Rosa is in an evacuation zone. She’s currently in Salinas at her mom’s place.

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Fire terrifies me, especially these firestorms. My heart is with everyone affected.

I’m so sad about the mounting losses.

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Sck - please keep us updated. I used to work for Jackson Family wines which was the high end arm of Kendall Jackson - which is in Santa Rosa. Loved the people at the wineries.

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Sadly, 17 fatalities.

Winds are returning Wednesday.

oh no about the winds. very sad about all the homes lost in Santa Rosa, too, and trailer park homes. lots of people who worked in those wineries will be displaced. we’ve been smelling the fires in the City as if they were right on our street - it’s like sitting around a campfire 24/7. i can’t imagine how bad it is up there. here’s hoping they get some much needed back-up.


Sad to see so much loss of property, damage to businesses, and of course the loss of life in injuries. .

We visited Sonoma some years ago and stayed in Glenn Ellen which looks like it is in the thick of things. Met lots of lovely people and hope the fires are controlled as soon as possible and people can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

We used to go every year - Napa and Sonoma. Love it there. I worked in the industry for a bit too and headquarters was in Santa Rosa. We stayed at the Hilton. I still know many people at the wineries - mostly in Sonoma County and hope everyone is safe.


Just curious, how much does manufactured housing in Santa Rosa run ?

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i really have no idea. i rent, in the City…

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Hope everybody is fine.

Chefs trying to help:


From the Chron this morning. This is the list so far. Sadly, with the winds picking back up many more people and structures are threatened. As of noon today (Wed) mandatory evacuations were ordered for Fairfield (east of Napa and SE of Vacaville), as well as the northern end of the town of Calistoga (north of St. Helena).

List of wineries damaged in the Wine Country fires
SF Chron, October 11, 2017 last update: 8:31 a.m.

While many winery owners have not yet discovered or determined the extent of the Wine Country fires in Napa and Sonoma counties, many are reporting damage, ranging from complete destruction to smaller impact. For more on the wine industry, see Esther Mobley’s story. This list will be updated as we continue to confirm damage throughout the region.

Signorello (4500 Silverado Trail, Napa): Significant damage, as the winery appears to be largely destroyed.

White Rock Vineyards (1115 Loma Vista Dr., Napa): One of Napa’s oldest wineries has suffered significant damage and is likely lost, according to staffers.

William Hill (1761 Atlas Peak Rd., Napa): According to a spokesperson at Gallo, which owns William Hill, the winery buildings are intact and sustained only minor cosmetic damages

Stags’ Leap Winery (6150 Silverado Trail, Napa): Photos showed fire damage, but the extent of damage is unknown.

Paradise Ridge (8860 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood): The winery has burned down.

Nicholson Ranch (4200 Napa Rd., Sonoma): Despite early reports of big damage, the winery has made a statement via Facebook that despite some wreckage, it’s still intact: “The winery was in the path of the fire but escaped being engulfed by the flames. We have some damage to fix…”

Chateau St. Jean (8555 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood): The winery’s statement: “At this stage, there is limited damage to our infrastructures and sites, however the fires are ongoing and we still have limited access to all of our different assets"

Mayo Family Wineries (13101 Arnold Dr., Glen Ellen): According to Jeff Mayo, a house on the property has burned, but as of Monday afternoon, the winery has been spared so far.

Gundlach Bundschu Winery (2000 Denmark St., Sonoma): According to Facebook message posted on Tuesday morning, the winery suffered some damage, but is still standing strong.”

Frey Vineyards Winery (14000 Tomki Rd., Redwood Valley): Reports have Frey largely destroyed.

Oster Wine Cellars (13501 Tomki Rd., Redwood Valley): Reports have Oster largely destroyed.

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Melanie Wong is doing a terrific job keeping people updated on what’s happening in Sonoma Cnty in a more “feet on the beat” way than the general media stories.

Much help is needed. You can donate to the Red Cross, or to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Don’t forget that donating directly to food banks multiplies your donation by a factor of 5-6x, because they are allowed to buy supplies at wholesale:
Redwood Empire Food Bank
Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 523-7900


Thanks for posting this. We went to Gundlach a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Glad to see they’re doing ok but so sad about those who didn’t fare as well.

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