"Time to Eat" - more TV from Nadiya Hussein

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Everyone’s favourite British baker gets another TV outing - this time doing “easy food”. Needless to say, you can expect lots of baking, along with other domestic recipes. Starts this week

One of our country’s rare positive role models for Muslim women. And, in spite of her Wikipedia entry, entirely a home cook and never a chef.


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I have been seeing the teaser for her new programmed this week. The only time I watch telly is in the gym so hope I remember to watch this at home.

She’s very likeable. I’ve enjoyed watching her previous series.



I know she did some family cooking competition after the British Baking one. Are there others?


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Yes. Here’s her Wiki entry.

Since winning Bake Off, she’s become a TV “natural” for the BBC. Very engaging on-screen personality, even if I find I’m rarely keen on her recipes (for varying reasons).

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I remembered to watch this programme, with the partner’s help. We like watching cookery programmes (and everything) together.

BBC Food has 3 recipes from the first episode. In the first segment she goes to someone’s house and shows her how to make a few time-saving noodle soups in jars. The woman’s little boy loves his soup. The way he says “it’s so yummy” is adorable.

I like this one. So gonna make it.

Nadiya is engaging and convincing. She makes it look easy. She’ll have more series in the future, I hope. Nadiya is a success and seems very confident on screen. Considering she was bullied and has anxiety. I certainly could never be able do any of her work (being an accomplished home cook, bake-off winner, presenter, marriage and motherhood and so on.).

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I think the egg rolls are the only thing I’d consider making from that episode.

She recently did a documentary called something like “Anxiety & me”. Those sort of docs don’t appeal to me but they do to herself who has recorded it. I think it was a short series of docs with famous people talking about their mental health issues.

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