Time sensitive Rao's on sale at Stew Lenoards Yonkers, NY through Sept 5

Although the Arrrabbiata is better, the marinara is one of the better jarred sauces IMO
Would make a nice item to donate to the Houston area

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I didn’t even know they made 2 lb. jars. I’ve only seen the 1.5 lb. size. That’s a great price, the cheapest usually you see on sale is $6.99 at H-Mart and sometimes Fairway. I actually like their Vodka sauce. Tastes more like a chunky, simple, plain tomato sauce. Not like any vodka sauce I ever had before. A great base to use to make a home style sauce. I like their regular Puttanesca sauce, best I have tasted from a jar. They don’t always make it, but if you see their Cuore DiPomodoro Filetto sauce with tomato, prosciutto, and onion, grab it. I can eat it from the jar, room temp., with a spoon, and kill the whole 1.5 lb. jar. it is literally the best jarred sauce I have ever tasted. I bought out two stores, around 20 jars, when their supplies were running low, and I called the factory and asked them to notify me when they are making it again.

I live in Houston and have a couple of jars of marinara and have been eating it for a few years. My favorite is the marinara, we’re high and dry so we’re good but send some down and pack it well and thanks for the thoughts.

That is an incredible price, we pay about 6.99 for a 1.5 jar.

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I used to split a case with my sister. The $4.99 sale price used to be a regular thing, now you see that price very rarely. I’m not in NY anymore, but if I make a trip back before the 5th I’ll pick up sauce.

I just called the store, to ask if they would ship it directly for me … they would not, not even in a gift basket :frowning:

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I have not tried their puttanesca sauce or the Cuore DiPomodoro, but judging by the deliciousness of the arrabbiata, I have no doubts it is terrific. I eat the marinara with a spoon straight from the jar.

Rao’s on sale again … Weekly flyer 12/13/17 through 12/19/17

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Thanks for the heads up! I bought 6 of them last time. (Never need to make my own sauce!)

Has anyone tried their Stew’s brand sauce that they have next to Rao’s? I’m always tempted, but the taste memory of Rao’s always pulls me back.

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Same problem here - I always break for Rao’s on sale. I’ll take one for the team and buy one on Friday & let you know! :slight_smile:

Oh wow, that’s awesome! Thanks! I have to go next week, so that will definitely inform my choice. :grinning:

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When I buy jarred, I like Vittoria. Big jar on sale everywhere this week @ 2/$7 (last week it was 2/$5 but don’t feel bad I didn’t get there myself!) And if you ever see Silver Palate, they make some really good sauces too, on sale at the same price.

For some reason, Rao’s has an odd taste to it…maybe I’ll give it a shot again someday. Too much garlic maybe?

Which Rao’s have you tried? I’m really finicky about jarred sauces and Rao’s is the only one I’ll use, though I have heard good things about Vittoria. The marinara is good to go right out of the jar for me (especially this week when my low-carb lasagna needed a little extra sauce when reheated), but I’ll almost always add sauteed garlic and sometime fresh basil at the last minute when using it as a primary pasta sauce.

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The plainest one I think, probably just marinara? Can’t remember exactly what turned me off, it was years ago.

Vittoria and Silver Palate, I use their marinara, fra diablo and a la vodka. I do usually jazz it up with a few spoonfuls of homemade pesto, since I always have that on hand.

Next time Rao’s is on sale I’ll grab one just to see what all the excitement is about :wink:

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I’ve had and enjoyed The Silver Palate Cookbook for years, but I never bought the sauce. I will pick some up the next time I see it.

Great tip, I never thought of that.

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Silver Palate sauce is getting harder to find, but I do see it here and there. If you are in the NY area, I used to find it easily at Fairway.

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I agree! I am not a fan of Rao’s sauce. I thought I was the only one. Thanks for not liking it too!!!

Thank you too, I thought something was wrong with me and not with the sauce :wink: I feel better now…

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I just saw a variety of Silver Palate pasta sauces at Turco’s in Yorktown. Sorry, Coll. A bit far for you…

Luckily I’m stocked up…trying to remember were I got them though. They do just pop up so you have to keep your eyes open. I did see you can get it on Amazon too (no surprise I guess).

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