Thrift store cutlery

I usually hunt the thrift stores looking for decent quality NSF-rated cutlery to repair & donate to the local food bank’s kitchen. Instead, this weekend I found 3 items for my own kitchen:
a Cutco sandwich knife, a Mercer 10" bread knife, & a Mac Professional 5" utility knife. All three were 50% off, so I ended up paying about $2.50 for $145.00-worth of knives.

It was a good weekend. :slight_smile:


What does one do with a “sandwich knife”?

They work well for scooping soft sandwich fillings (tuna salad, etc). from the container and spreading quickly and evenly on bread. It can save a lot of time if you are making large numbers of sandwiches.

LOL, I thought the same thing when I first saw one. I actually bought it for my daughter. I watched her making a sandwich the other day with multiple spreads of mayo & mustard, so when I found this I immediately thought of her. It’s serrated along one edge, so when you’re done using it to build your sandwich you can also use it to cut it in half. I figured for 50 cents it was worth giving it a try. (better than the $60 it costs for a new one!)

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You struck lucky! Here in the UK charity shops (as we call them) don’t accept sharp knives for elf & safety reasons. Nor electrical items for that matter.

Pity, that. My last two finds, a raclette grill and a Bodum mini-kettle, came from Goodwill for a princely $4 each.

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I love my Cutco spreader, I consider it in the top 10 ten knives that I own. My sister sent it to me because someone she knew was selling Cutco stuff, but I use it all the time now. Great find!

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Yes, and more. It’s a practical multitasker. In Germany it’s called “breakfast knife”.

Mine is by Solingen, use it all the time.


I call this a “spreader”. Obvious enough, but they also make short work of mincing, mashing and spreading avocado on that crunchy English muffin or bagel you know want tomorrow…

I called

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