This article saved me from mediocre steak

My stove does not broil well and I had marinated these really good ribeyes in italian dressing. A thorough search of the internet saved me:

Just wanted to share.

very interesting…usually do pan then oven…

I know! But let me tell you, the steaks came out perfectly cooked this way, juicy and with a nice crust.

Who knew?

I have an indoor gas grill in my cooktop. But I’m going to give this method a try during the cold weather months.

Thanks, seal, for sharing!

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This ‘reverse’ method is pretty popular among lots of food folk.

You’re certainly free to do whatever you like, but most of them would turn their noses up at marinating a good ribeye in dressing. Just salt and pepper is enough… and some hold the salt 'til the very end.