Thinking about an air fryer - what kind?

I upgraded my Breville to the one that has the air oven (how this is different from their convection setting, I don’t know). I’ll have to finally give that function a try.


I just saw this ad for the Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 that is supposed to be a combination air fryer, microwave, and convection oven. Is this the one you just upgraded to @kobuta? This would save a lot of counter space (having one appliance perform the function of three).|bmo870Launch||Email|||Microsite|US|%20Microwave|All||CTW||All|||||||


Since an air fryer IS a convection oven “3 in 1” is a marketing ploy. It is going to old more food at a time than a dedicated counter-top air fryer.

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Based on our probable limited use, cost and and space, this sounds like a perfect intro into air frying


I actually got this one that came out a 2-3 years ago. Believe it or not, I actually wanted a slightly larger one and this is a good 2 inches wider than the old Smart Oven model.

I have a gas stove, and I don’t love my gas oven. This Breville can actually fit a smaller sized chicken in it for roasting. It will also broil some of my smaller slabs of pork belly and other roasts without almost setting my house on fire (it only happened once!). :sweat_smile:


The option of a smaller oven is a really nice thing.

Not only do the small ones not put out a blast furnace of heat (here in Florida it’s 75F - yes, 22C! At 6:30 am at the end of October!) But small households with disparate schedules, its the best choice for my house.

Looks perfect. Cheap and 7.2 qt capacity. Don’t need digital readouts and timing functions. Just turn it on and get the job done

Redundant post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The crew uses it frequently.

How is the Breville air fryer function? I’m thinking of upgrading. One less appliance on my counter!

Here are some Spanakopita from last night. Perfectly done in my Chefman.


Here’s a use of a circulator that I use frequently. Thawing frozen items.

I have a double sink so mount the circulator on the divider. Fill sink with cold water and run the circulator with no heat. You can thaw in less than half the time it would take without circulation

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We just got this. It was high time to replace our weakling, tiny microwave, and we’ve been wanting an air fryer. Excited to use it.


Still haven’t tried it yet :clown_face:. Thought I think I will try to air-fry some wings next weekend for the superbowl so stay tuned…

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My friend has one of these and loves it. I was in the dark, having never heard of this variation.
She says there’s even a FB group dedicated to them.

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