Think you know your exotic fruits?

How many can you identify? When you’ve given it your best shot, peek here for the answer. Thanks to Yongcast Kim on Twitter for this.

Cool! I only got the two types of bananas. No clue on the others. Thanks for sharing!

I got 4 correct,the bananas and the purple fruit in the middle and the big green one wrapped with film. 3 wrong (the pointy one, the pear and the small ones in the white tray)
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Much harder than I thought! I only got the two types of banana and the long green thing in saran wrap.

Dragon fruit, rambutan, and lichee. Do I win?

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Snake fruit (Salacca zalacca), left of long green papapya.

Next to snake fruit is a purple thing, the skin looks like milk fruit (Chrysophyllum cainito).

Guava (I think), yellow bottom right corner.

Tiny yellow thing in plastic tray under cling film is a kind of berries (Phyllanthus acidus). Very sour and has a hard pit. Can be eaten as is with chilli salt, but they are most often seen in a big jar in a brine. They are sold on pavement all over Thailand and Vietnam.

Another weird tropical fruit is amberella (Spondias dulcis). Sour and has a strange pit. Also eaten just like Phyllanthus acidus. Both of these fruits are so sour that if eaten too much and your guts can’t deal with the sourness you will have a bit of a problem. The kind of problem that a little blue capsule will fix.

My personal favorite tropical fruits: green/young coconuts and langsat. There are so many good ones you have probably never seen. You just have to go to S.E.Asia to eat them, though.

Oh, I didn’t even open the answer link. Have just done that.

Those are easy enough for anyone who hangs around SF Chinatown.


Or Manhattan’s Chinatown. Which is very near where I live.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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