Thin egg whites

I normally buy pasture eggs at Grocery Outlet. They have relatively dense whites. I have been gifted eggs from a country neighbor and yesterday bought a dozen at a tiny country farmers’ market. Both these latter have had lots of thin whites. I would have thought that the opposite would be true. What’s up? Age of egg? Heatwave? And I’ve read age of hen, but the neighbor hens are young. It doesn’t bother me when used for cooking but they make ugley poached eggs. I hate to have to strain them every time.

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I get eggs from my SIL who raises her own chickens. The whites have been thin and watery of late. Since I only use eggs for baking or scrambled eggs I don’t pay it much mind. But when it comes to frying or poaching I see your point. Straining out the watery whites can cause a loss of maybe half an egg.

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In you case, most likely the heat.

Usual culprits, aside from disease, for thin egg whites are age and heat.