Thick aged balsamic vinegar help

I’ve used balsamic for years but always relatively ‘thin’ types, even one that was supposedly aged 16 years. My wife recently bought some ‘thick’ balsamic while in Italy and it is a game changer especially as an accent to vegetables. The ones I’ve seen here in SoCal that purport to be ‘thick’ (reduced?) are quite expensive.

Is there a brand that makes one that’s reasonably priced? I guess I mean maybe around $25-$30 for 250ml if that’s possible. Also, when shopping for this product how do you know if it’s ‘thick’. As mentioned above, my experience with that has been mixed.

Sorry is I sound clueless. Should I just reduce whichever one I use?

Here’s one at Williams Sonoma, but just because it’s aged 25 years, is it necessarily thick?

I don’t know, but here is what Serious Eats says.

Among a LOT of other things it says;

“In fact, one of the simplest things to do with salad balsamic is to boil it in a saucepan with some sugar to create a cheap balsamic syrup.”


I used to do the above with good results, getting a liter bottle of Balsamic at Costco and reducing it (without adding sugar) over low heat and with open windows. For the past few years I’ve been able to find a thick and delicious Balsamic at Grocery Outlet for $7.99 - not sure of the brand, but in a small squared bottle.


It’s Carandini Emilio, I buy it too. I have also boiled regular balsamic to syrup with good results. I didn’t add sugar either.


This is indeed excellent stuff. Drizzled on raw vegetables, fruit, vanilla ice cream.

And, YES, $7.99 at Grocery Outlet.


If you’re going to reduce it, use honey instead of sugar. Much better. & add the honey after its reduced & while its stil warm.

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Saw this at GO today but turning the bottle my feeling is that it’s not as thick as I’d want. The one my wife brought back from Italy is REALLY thick. When I pour some on something like asparagus it adheres and doesn’t run at all. She still has to see if she can find the receipt so I have some idea of what price range it was in. For now I’ll give the Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze a try and see how we like it. Just hope my local store has it.

I’ve found what I think is what I’m using on line and it’s around $15 in Europe, so not high quality, long aged, I don’t think. Must be thickened some other way?


I can only vouch for the brand posted above. It’s a small bottle, about 4" tall. The product is thick, a little thicker than maple syrup.

The brand I looked at today IS, I think, the one you posted about. It didn’t seem very thick in the bottle. :thinking:

The excellent Trader Joe’s balsamic in the small, squared bottle is as thick as maple syrup. I haven’t looked for it in a while so perhaps they no longer carry it.

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Finally opened the balsamic from GO. It IS quite thick!!! Pretty good taste but must say it’s sweeter than the one my wife brought home from Italy. Overall I think a good deal for $7.99.


Same quality balsamic at TJs now, but in a squat round bottle a bit larger than the previous bottle.

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