Thermoworks Splurge

So, I recently took advantage of Thermoworks’ “Sitewide 15%” sale to acquire some hardware for my pan project. I’m tired of fiddling with emissivity adjustments on the IR-GUN-S, so I wanted a base unit and contact thermocouples.

What I got was:

1 ThermaQ base unit
1Griddle Probe
1 Pro-Surface Thermapen

The ThermaQ ($139) is a 2-channel handheld base unit that accepts two Type K Thermocouple probes. This is the unit Thermoworks markets to competitive BBQ teams and sous vide fanatics. It’s loaded with features like Hi and Lo alarms, Min/Max readings and LOUD alarm volumes. Comes with a cool rubber boot that has both a strong magnet and a tilt-out stand. Thermoworks offers ThermaQ packages including one or more specialty probes (needle, air, sous vide, armored meat, etc)

The Griddle Probe ($116) is an odd thing that looks like an ultrasound wand. It’s designed to stand vertically on a horizontal surface and is heavy enough to maintain good thermal contact. Basically, you set it on the surface and can go about your business. The long cable is armored in spiral SS sleeving, so you don’t melt it.

The Pro-Surface ($129) appears to be an older model Thermapen with a button contact permanently attached. The contact swivels a bit, but not enough to make good contact foolproof.

Everything works pretty well. I’ll probably order another Griddle Probe because the pan project involves showing cookware manufacturers how even-heating the technology is. But I’ll also probably buy the armored meat penetrator probe for actual cooking.

I had never had a Thermapen before, having been happy with Taylor’s version of a folding digital quick-read. So I was somewhat surprised how clunky and un-ergonomic the Thermapen is. It’s not terrible, but the Taylor has much better ergonomics, IMO.

Anyone have any relevant experience with the ThermaQ and its probes?


Today I took an unsolicited call from a Thermoworks customer service rep, and nearly fainted… He was calling to check on my satisaction with my recent order!

What a great experience–a company that takes the time to have a real person follow up. He was well-informed on all their products, and even asked for suggestions on how to improve what I’d ordered. Amazing.

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When I received my Thermapen in the mail a couple of years ago, the package also contained a small bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. That made me a customer for life!

I have to say the best money I ever spent was on Lasik eye surgery, but my Thermapen is definitely in the top 20.

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