ThermoWorks ChefAlarm, yay or nay

Anyone have experience with the ThermoWorks Chef Alarm? I’m thinking of gifting one to our Thanksgiving hosts, because they’d enjoy having one if it’s as handy as it seems.

I find my ThermaPen super useful, but don’t own one of these. Yet.

I have some of the cheap probe thermometers bought from Bed Bath and Beyond which I use quite a bit, the main downside on those is that the probe cable can only withstand temperatures up to around 400°f before failing which limits where I can use them. According to the specs this one is good up to 700°f, I may have to look at buying one of these.

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I have this one. Bought it approx 4-5 years ago and it developed issues a few months ago. Haven’t had a chance to figure out if it is fixable…but for the price I would say I’m happy. I’ll buy another if this one has died.

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That sounds like a yay to my ears. I imagine that 4 to 5 years is pretty good for this style of probe (and maybe it’s even fixable, as you say). Thank you!

A little more info:

I’m quite slow with technical stuff and I found it quite easy and intuitive to use. I’m also hard of hearing but have been able to hear the alarm from the living room which is perhaps 20’ from the kitchen.

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It means “a reply that solves a problem” marked by a moderator (maybe by @meatn3 ?).

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Also, ThermoWorks just emailed me a food-sciencey explanation about how to get the Thanksgiving turkey to the proper internal
temperature. Sharing in case you might be interested in the topic

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Good to know everybody could use this feature! :grinning:

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Do you ever wish the probe wire was longer than 1.2m, or do you not have any issue with the length?

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I haven’t bought the ChefAlarm just yet. Your question made me curious whether the cable could be made longer. A 1 meter extender cable is available (ProSeries Cable Extension). According to the manufacturer, that’s the maximum extension possible while maintaining accurate readings.

Not by me! I’d never seen it used before. I assumed the poster who originates a thread activates the “solved” once they feel they have the info they want.

I’ve only used it with my oven. The length has been long enough to safely rest the thermometer on the counter. Might be too short if using with a BBQ which doesn’t have a shelf/ledge attached.


Right you are! And it was me who used the checkbox, for exactly the reason you say here.

I had a ChefAlarm for two years, but about six months ago the temperature started showing incorrect readings when compared to my Thermapen (instant read thermometer).

I bought a different leave-in thermometer from a company called ThermoPro, and so far it seems to work very well.

What’s nice about this is that the company says it will give you a new probe free of charge if you start seeing incorrect readings.

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You might want to consider a wireless transmitting thermometer like this one. I have a similar one that I use for barbecuing and roasting things like turkey.

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I’m a big fan of their products and have two thermapens. The original and a waterproof one. I have an older version of the Chef Alarm and use it often when smoking or roasting big meats

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Though I never got around to buying a ChefAlarm for my own use, I remain a fan of my classic ThermaPen.

Reliable, fast temperature readings assure that my dishes are done yet not overcooked. This is no small thing when all the critters in the house—okay, mostly me—feel hangry and rushed at the end of a crazy busy day.

From the same company, no temperature function, but a great timer with 4 channels and programmable sounds for each channel.

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