ThermoPop, are you still happy with that?


I would like to know those who owned a ThermoPop, are you still happy with it? Do you recommend it?

I would like something cheaper than a Thermapen, and good for taking meat temperature. I have a laser thermometer, the probe part broke down. Recently, I bought a mechanical one, but not used to imprecise temperature anymore and prefer a digital one, so I will return that one to the store.




Do you recommend those? (for cooking)

The flu. Ugh. Using a meat thermometer to check your temperature
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I use the pop all summer while grilling. I found it very reliable. I have also gifted the pop to several people who have been happy with it. For my purposes, home cook who just doesnt want to over grill meats, the pop has helped.

My oven has a temp reader accessory so I use the pop just for the grill.


Thanks for your feedback. A practical question, do you need to change battery often?

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I grilled nearly daily this summer to keep the kitchen cooler, sometimes twice a day. I changed the battery once. So two batteries a season. Not bad.


I have the Thermopop ($34) and it’s pretty good. I also have the Lavatools Javelin ($27), and the Lavatools Javelin Pro ($54). I like the Lavatools Javelin Pro best, then the regular Lavatools Javelin, Thermopop would be next.

ThermoWorks has a new very inexpensive model out, the ThermoPro TP18 ($18). I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t comment. But I plan to order one to check it out.


Thanks for your comparison. I live in France. Strangely, both Lavatools Javelin (75 €+) and Javelin Pro (90€+) are sold on but more expansive compared to Thermapen 3 starting from around 59€.

ThermoWorks range looks affordable around 20€+, I will have a look.

For reference, Thermopop is selling around 27€ here.


Have you tried buying on Amazon USA and having it shipped? I have bought on Amazon England and had the item shipped and is was much cheaper than the same item on the US Amazon site.


I use my ThermoPop a few times a week and really like it. I would definitely purchase is again. I probably change the batteries once or twice a year.


Thanks, will definitely check in .de and .uk too, if not .com in US.