Thermapen One

Hi All,

I thought some of you might be interested in the Alton Brown Thermapen sale.

I bought the Classic Thermapen and loved it. I upgraded to the MK4 and love it even more.

Have any of you purchased the Thermapen One? Do you believe that it’s a vast improvement over the MK4?


I have two and the only functional difference is a 1 second reading rather than 2-3 seconds from the MK4.

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Thank you for that information. I can wait a second or two in order to save the money.

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Some induction stoves interfere with previous models of thermapens.

The One is not affected.

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I have a gas stove, but thanks for the information.

I have a One, but only because my prior “pen” died. The 1-second read time is not a giant improvement over 2-3 seconds, IMO. No one’s that busy.

One theortetical advantage of the speed is that you COULD more easily understand delta t’s at various depths within, e.g., a roast, without poking multiple holes.

I own two of Thermapen One model, one in blue and one in orange.

I also gave my father a Thermapen One for his birthday and he does use it from to time.

Could I wait a couple of seconds longer ?
Is it nice with the instant reading ?

But the 3 Thermapen One I bought were all for sale for the same price as the regular Thermapen.

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I own 2. One is water proof. I have one set to F and the other to C

Your old one died? Which model? How long did you have it? The Theromworks build quality is usually quite good.

In my use the MK4 was an excellent upgrade from its predecessor but the One is only a minor upgrade to the MK4. The timing improvement is only modest to nearly undetectable in most of my uses.

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It was a Taylor. I think it was the “Connoisseur Turbo Read” 9867B. I was happy with it, and actually preferred its ergonomics to my Thermapens. It worked great for >10 years.

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One of my few gripes with my Thermapen is what a pain it is to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

I have both and honestly do not even notice a difference. But I do love them both!

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I agree. I just loved how fast and accurate the Thermapen is, so figured it would be good to have two and got the water proof as my second purchase.