There are certain things that must be shared.


Neptune ShopRite.


I have seen this before and it stuck with me for days! Something about paws feels like it should be cute and not for consumption?


I’m sure that’s what the marketing folks are thinking too! But. C’mon.

(Greg Caggiano) #4

What is the brand? Such a mislabeling is mind-boggling.


No idea—I took that one shot because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but you can be sure that next time I’m in there I’ll be checking for more information!

(Greg Caggiano) #6

Maybe it was somebody’s way of removing themselves from employment from the brand in question. :smiley:


Has anyone ever eaten these? Good lord, I’d rather doust one of those large elementary school erasers in Frank’s red hot and take my chances. I’m not really exaggerating either. I can’t stand chicken feet. So gross


I don’t eat them, but they’re a great way to add collagen to homemade stock.

(Greg Caggiano) #9

Tried it once at the Teppanyaki Buffet in East Brunswick. They have an island of authentic foods including tripe and chicken feet, among other things. Whatever sauce it was in was fine, but I nubbed on it a little bit and there was really nothing there. It was a waste of time so I never tried it again.

(Joon) #10

I guess I’m the only chicken paw fan here? :slight_smile:

(Mr met) #11

I feel like we might need a paws power rankings of deliciousness.

(Tom T) #12

Nah. Love them in soup and at dim sum joints as well.


I got to visit the Tyson factory in Arkansas for work awhile back, and this is what they are called down there. They told us they mostly ship them out of the country, especially to China. My friend from Chile accompanied me and said that where she comes from, the street vendors fry them and they are one of her favorite snacks. Other offal like this always goes to the pet food companies, but this is actually a big seller for Tyson. I do buy them, labeled as “chicken feet”, for broth myself.


My dad and his 90+ year-old pal have been known to eat a plate or three at dim sum… I’ve tried them and it’s definitely all about how they’re cooked and what sauce is on them.


WOW! So they do call them PAWS elsewhere…interesting to know! Thx


Most Chinese refer to this delicacy as Phoenix Claws.

Chicken FEET sound so unappetizing. :slight_smile:


Count me in as a fan as well. Usually a staple at dim sum meals.

(YcF) #18

I must say I am surprised by the reaction to this chicken feet/paw/ whatever thread.

I kind of just assumed everyone on this board would have already tried it at a Dim Sum restaurant.


MY reason for posting wasn’t because of the feet themselves, but rather the labeling of them as Paws!


Broth/fat I am OK with. I can’t chew on these things. No hard feelings to people that like them :slight_smile: