The Woes (Death Throes?) of Treadsack - Houston (Eater Houston and The Press)

Embezzlement, Personal Drama and Financial Woes

I thought they were being overly ambitious opening several high profile places with such high expectations in a such a short time but that wasn’t even half the problem.

Lambsy, I think you’ve eaten at a couple of these places?

BTW, the article on Thrillist linked to in the last paragraph is a good read, as are all three articles in that Thrillist series.

Edit to Add: A longer look at the issues in the Press

I really wanted to like them, especially Hunky Dory which I saw as a place where everyone would know my name. But in practice, the prices were too out of line with Houston in general I think and I was not comfortable dropping potentially hundreds on lunch. If they are blaming the economy, I suggest they get back to basics and try for increased sales with a downhome menu that is affordable to most. How much should a piece of toast with a small whitefish cost? I don’t know but my favorite exmoore toast was only offered in the bar anyway.

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Well, I guess Treadsack hasn’t collapsed completely yet so this isn’t an autopsy… but it’s brutal (and funny).

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Amazing. I don’t think I can read that many words on Treadsack, but this is appropriate:

“Cusack’s concepts weren’t driven just by celebrity chefs, but by his own self-promotion and mythmaking, lapped up by friendly food critics who never looked behind his company’s curtain or talked to the lowly waitstaff.”

For instance:

’ Rufca wrote, “When it comes to the pantheon of adorable, Down House is just above a butterfly landing on your finger and slightly below a panda falling down.”’

As I already knew. I went to several of Treadsack’s inspirations, but only one time each.

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I’m not terribly surprised by anything in the profile of Cusack but the takedown of several members of the foodie press is priceless.


There’s a post on HAIF with excerpts from the HBJ report with a great line from the owner of Hughies - ‘We don’t have chefs, we have aunts and uncles. They have great recipes that they’ve brought from Viet Nam. We picked the best.’

There’s a link to the HBJ article but you have to be a subscriber.

Did you mean this for the Hughie’s thread?

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