The Three Sheep, Newark w/ PICS

Tried out The Three Sheep in Newark. It’s in the alley behind Cindy’s Hair Salon.

I got there at 5:30pm and was the first one in the restaurant. I ordered a lot to try:

signature nourish lamb soup $7.99 - it’s a small serving enough for 1 person or 2 barely to share. Soup was bland to me with lots of little bits of daikon and lamb in it. I didn’t think it was very good.

If you get a soup then you can get an order of green onion pancake for $1.49. It’s 4 small pieces, I found it a little greasy, but nice hot and crispy. Tasty!

chef special lamb shumai $7.99 - 6pcs, thin skinned, lots of ground lamb in it. I thought it tasted ok, and the garlic sauce served on the side was very salty.

fresh cucumber salad $4.99 - small plate of chopped up cucumbers and some spicy sauce. We liked it.

spicy julienned potato salad $4.99 - small cut up potato strips in a pickled sauce - vinegar maybe? I thought it was ok, hubby didn’t really like it, felt it was too sour.

fresh Arctic Shores Bay Scallops drizzled with spicy chili oil $4.99 - cut up scallops with chili oil we liked it, mix it with the onions the waitress told us, we did. We liked this dish.

free spicy cabbage we ate and got another refill of it.

NO Rice on the menu and they don’t have it, I’ve asked. Maybe one day.

Our total before tip $39.99. Credit cards minimum $20

Closed Tues
M,W-Sun 11-2:30pm; 5:30-9pm

The Three Sheep
35201 Newark Blvd Ste F
Newark, CA 94560



Thanks for the report. I had heard that they specialize in all things lamb related. But it doesn’t sound like you were super impressed with the lamb dishes you tried. Are they from Western part of China?