The Snug [San Francisco, Lower Pacific Heights]

I went to the Snug on a rainy night in search of some Pliny the Younger. It’s on a corner of Fillmore and Clay in the Lower Pacific Heights. Pretty busy on a Tuesday evening.

Younger. A triple IPA (the first commercially brewed triple IPA I believe) that’s available a couple of weeks in February. I have had this a few times before. It’s good - very balanced - but I wouldn’t line up for it as some do. I’m not a huge beer geek though.

I also had a Bodega “Burger” ($15). Wagyu beef patty with classic toppings - American cheese (a double layer), shredded lettuce, onion, tomato slices, and “secret sauce.” Beef was good and juicy, maybe could have been a touch more pink. A good burger. Pretty good sized, in kind of a light baguette like roll.

And also the pork belly ($11), which was on leaves of butter lettuce and topped with rice seasoned with furikake. Kimchi on the bottom. Kind of like a couple spam musubi, only with some tender fatty pork belly.


Cocktails Menu:

Some of the cocktails look pretty interesting, like the draft aviation and various nitro cocktails on tap.

Check was in a hollowed out Hardy Boys novel.

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