The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays


$750 for labor does not sound like it’s covered in my book! So sad everything is just disposable now.


The cost of compressor wasn’t included in the $750?

Last year, my fridge was out of service, they came 4 times but only charged the first time + spare parts, around 200€ for all.

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With the compressor would be $1600. We are going to call LG and see I’d complaining gets us anything.


OK, I read that too fast, I thought the labour cost was covered! You are still under guarantee, why pay for the labour cost? How long did the service last and how many of them came? $750 was indecent!

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It has not been done yet. I am hoping it gets done before Saturday as I am having a small dinner party! I live in Westchester, NY and everything costs way too much here. I don’t know how many are coming, but the person who diagnosed the problem told us what is involved and it sounds like hours. Freon has to be drained from old compressor and put in new, etc, etc. Believe me, I am not a happy camper!

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And now, the front burner on my glass top stove stopped working. And, though I really want to replace the thing with an induction, now may not be the time!! And it’s my last Electrolux, which is one reason I can’t wait to get rid of it. Has anyone had this happen?


Oh my. You must be beyond frustrated. :scream:

My appliance philosophy now is to go simple - the less bells and whistles the better. Fancy technology leads to expensive/more frequent repairs imho.

At least it is grilling season and not the week before Thanksgiving!


Just bought a Bosch dishwasher 3 mo ago. Opened to door mid cycle and now no power. Not the breaker. Waiting on repair appointment

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While we are venting, and I just had a repairman come over too, I want to know why it costs $100 just to have somebody come over, even if they don’t do anything??

I really want a job where I make $100 for not doing anything!

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Mine charges $150 to come - they diagnose and if you do the repair you don’t pay it (lol)

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And here is my quandary - do I pay the $150 to have him come and tell me what its going to cost to fix, or do I take this opportunity to get an induction range… hmm

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One vote for induction …

or maybe just a big open fire, no repairman ever needed.


I recently read an article about how to gauge whether to repair or replace an appliance in Consumer Reports. The issue was a couple of years old. It’s on line but requires membership.

They also had an article about purchasing extended warranties. The takeaway was not to.

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But isn’t that true for many things as well? Consultation fee from a doctor or a lawyer office. A few years back Verizon wants to charge me ~$100 for coming over just to take a look of a phone problem – without fixing anything. It was then I went complete wireless (and stop having a landline).


We have been fortunate enough to have found a really wonderful appliance repair company here in New Jersey. These guys are on top of everything. Unfortunately I did not heed their washing machine advice so I missed the boat on that one. Apparently speed queen was the only holdout, but alas they also switched over to European standards in regards to energy saving regulations and thus they are not what they used to be. If anyone is lucky enough to locate one of the older model speed queen washing machines ( pre pre sets) grab it.

Stay away from any LG or Samsung appliance, these guys are no longer honoring either of those companies warranties due to impossible customer service and parts issues, think backed up parts orders and hours long hold times even for them when contact is necessary , both companies are now exclusively over seas. Trust this info, I have an LG washer and dryer, I speak from experience as well.

Regarding refrigerators I was told to stick with any company that was around when I was growing up, they are all the same, do not go top of the line do not go bottom, stick with middle range price and if possible to live without them avoid the extra bells and whistles. I think they really wanted to say “they are all the same shit” but they stopped short of that. That said we are currently in the market for a new refrigerator :frowning: I’ve changed my tune regarding extended warranty’s I am currently sticking with 5 yr, they have paid for themselves!


We recently bought a new refrigerator, and, of course, we bought the most electricity-efficient model. It turned out that the great efficiency comes from thicker insulation. Which means less room inside.


We found this out when we put our “gently used” Maytag on Craigslist cause we wanted a sleeker, front load washer. Never had so many people calling me. After using the new Samsung, I figured out why. If you are sensitive to smell, you can tell the clothes aren’t washed properly. The detergent’s fragrance tries to mask the smell underneath, but sometimes it can’t. Every now and then, I’ll have to use my parent’s old style machine when the smell really gets to me. The plus side is that clothes that aren’t washed properly last longer!


Oh yes agreed, our clothes do not smell clean after washing, even when I choose a pre wash cycle and add an additional soak and rinse cycle, so disgusting. We have the opposite problem, I’m afraid our clothes will just probably disintegrate one of these days due to the 20 cycles I run them through every time I do a load of laundry.
Shortly before we moved when we still lived in our condo, new high efficiency commercial machines were installed in the laundry rooms, they sucked as much as my non commercial HE machine. Wrinkly clothes that just don’t smell clean after washing. I can not use anything scented because of allergies and a sensitivity to anything with fragrance, it’s awful. I recently started adding the tiniest bit of unscented/ Clorox free 2 because I just couldn’t stand it any longer … It definitely helps, but even the tiniest bit makes me itch.
One other thing I learned is that the newer HE dryers do not dry clothes all the way through when using a pre set. The European performance standards leave cuffs and collars still damp. I have to use the speed dry cycle if I want my clothes to be completely dry, it is the only cycle that wont shut off when the sensor tells it to, it allows me to add as much time as I like … SMH, what do people with kids do?


Great :unamused: :sob:
Electricity is very cheap where I am, I may go for a behemoth.

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I have noticed that clothes don’t smell like they used to after washing. It never occurred to me it was the machine! I miss rpthat smell!