The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays

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Thanks, chowdom. I’m torn because the local dealer has a great repair team and stands behind their products. . . Or, I buy LG and hope Lowe’s/LG will handle repairs through an extended warranty.
The repair guy said just buy Bosch. Easy for him to say, they are double or triple the price.


My sister had trouble with her Bosch dishwasher out of the gate, as a
matter of fact I think she replaced it with something else.
A local dealer with a good repair team is a rarity and would weigh
heavily on my decision since it’s not if but when the appliance will have issues.

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I think you’re right!

So far so good on the Bosch dishwasher purchased 1.5 years ago. Although it does not work as well with ‘environmentally friendly’ soap packets. But I can live with that. . .


I had a Fridgidaire Gallery (Fridge French doors, bottom freezer) which died at the ripe old age of 4.5 years after a few acute prior illnesses.

My appliance repair guy said Frigidaire across the board has problems. I asked what brand he would purchase based on his repair experience. He recomended Whirlpool and Kitchenaid.

I replaced the lemon with a basic Whirlpool model (side by side, no bells or whistles) purchased as a scratch and dent. So far so good but it is a much louder appliance. I’m a little hard of hearing and I’m aware of it cycling from the other end of the house.

It took me a while to decide what to do. I hate the fact that it is cheaper to replace than fix an item which should last decades. It takes the term “throw away society” to an appallingly new low. Future archeologists will think appliances were changed yearly like cheap beach flip-flops.


Different repairmen have recommended different brands to me. When I asked our KtichedAid dishwasher repairman, he said Bosch wasn’t any better. Also, he said that dishwasher detergent just doesn’t work as well because something in the detergent was harming fish, so they had to remove that ingredient. Our local dealer said the same thing. We bought two Bosch dishwashers that were dead on arrival, then we went with the KitchenAid which had a loose spinning arm. Even after having it fixed, it’s still kind of loose, but I just couldn’t deal with returning and installing dishwashers any more. Same experience with washer/dryers. Had a bad washer (Whirlpool) and dryer (LG) first time around. Current washer (Samsung) and dryer (Whirlpool) are working fine thus far. Dryer is good, washer makes me nervous every time I use it.

Our Samsung range has been surprisingly okay thus far. I love the convection fan. However, it’s impossible to clean the porcelain stovetop. And the broiler won’t turn on if the oven is too hot, which hurt my pizzamaking at first. Also I wish the wok ring was closer to the flame.

We purchased an LG fridge. Simple single door fridge, with a slide out bottom freezer, and icemaker. (No ice/water through the door.) It’s almost exactly what I wanted, except I wanted the freezer door to swing out like the fridge door, not slide out like a drawer. That model would take 2 months to arrive and we were desperate, so we purchased this one. The icemaker makes lots of noise, there are strange pitches and hums, and magnets don’t stick to the “stainless steel”, but at least I didn’t have to return it.


Phosphates are what’s missing from your detergents. You can buy STPP sodium tripolyphosphate, the stuff they use to plump up scallops, to improve the cleaning power of your washing appliances


Asking a question on behalf of a friend, perhaps someone here can answer.
Regarding her fisher paykel, over the range convection microwave oven. A light that looks like an inverted Y has appeared on the wave guide which is located on the inside at the top of the oven. FP support asked her to take a photograph but she freaked out and immediately disconnected the appliance and will not reconnect it , repair can’t get to her for a few weeks. Thank you in advance.

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We buy remainder appliances at outlets. We wind up with a better brand for the price of a mid range, we dont feel guilty if the thing dies or we want something new and we can buy warranties or service directly thru the manuf. Our plumber told us about this method years ago. Everything is delivered and installed as if we bought new. Its just not showroom shopping.


Looks good, and most certainly will match very well with the 1950 retro stove that comes with the place, though the warranty really gives me pause.

Our Big Chill fridges, stoves, hoods, wall ovens and microwaves have a one year warranty on parts and labor


Nobody warranties any appliances for more than a year now. The salesman will tell you upfront that you will have to replace it within 8 years, at least if he’s honest and you engage him in a discussion.

They make good money on the yearly extra warranty, makes up for any deals they throw at you when you buy it off the floor.



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So, you know the new microwave we got in the OP? Dead. Now we got an LG. We’ll see what happens! Why oh why can’t my oven be the one to go? I hate it and want one with an induction burner!!!




It hears you. It is struggling to survive.

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I know!! We had to have that repaired the first week we had it, and still, it persists!

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So now, the LG we got to replace the Electrolux is having issues. The freezer temp is too high and doesn’t seem to want to come down. It’s hovering around 19 degrees. And we are going away tomorrow so can’t get it fixed. So done!!! Anyone have any ideas? :roll_eyes:


This is unlikely to be the answer, but may be worth a try:

It’s just some simple things to start with, and you’d have to get kinda lucky (eg, somebody just leaned on the controls and somehow sent the fridge into demo mode) for these to be enough before you travel. Good luck.

I like to fix things and have figured out how to fix my car/oven/lawnmower/fridge/electronics by searching the internet for ideas from people with similar problems. It can take a lot of time to do the research (so not great for you today with you being on a deadline now) and there are usually lots of dead ends before you find the essential stuff you need. But it does save money, and sometimes is your only hope, especially to get more life out of products that nobody will even try to repair.

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Thank you so much. Going to check all of this!!

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And it’s the compressor! 2 year old fridge and it’s the compressor, which thankfully is still covered. Labor, however is $750. Dinner party Saturday - hope it’s done in time!


Luckily you are still covered! :sweat_smile: