THE ROCK by Starfrit--Anyone using these pans?

I haven’t had a nonstick pan in over 10 years. I decided to get one but remembered how disposable my old ones were. They seemed to lose their non stickiness too fast.

I used to like getting the stone-looking pans at a restaurant supply store. I’m not in that area so I looked at Asian markets nearby and decided on a Starfrit pan. It’s got a rough texture inside. It was only $18 with a lid too. I was also looking at the triclad pair of nonstick skillets at Costco for $40 but I don’t need an 8 inch pan.

I wanted to try the Starfrit too since it’s shaped like a sauté.

Has anyone else tried Starfrit? I’ll try to post my results over time since all nonstick pans are super slick at first.

Two years ago I bought the pan recommended by America’s Test Kitchen.
Though very affordable, and used almost daily, it still performs like the day it arrived. That’s WAY better than any other nonstick pans I’ve used in four decades of cooking.

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I bought that T-Fal pan for my mother for Christmas. The handle is great, All Clad should take a lesson.

I wanted to try the Starfrit and for $18…why not.

Thanks for telling me how well the T-Fal has been for you. I’m trying to decide on a nonstick pan set for a friend’s gift.

For $95 :

That T-Fal set looks like a very good deal. One caveat: I find that, probably because of the grooves in the anti-warp base of the pan, it takes longer to preheat than, and never gets as hot as, the Calphalon nonstick it replaced. But the price was about the same, and the Calphalon interior surface degraded badly within a year. Furthermore, my ceramic cooktop stove is 35+yrs old. It never did generate as much heat as I’d like.

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I have a couple Starfrit “The Rock” skillets. Mine are 8 & 10 in., and have metal handles. I bought them at BB&B. I was curious about the pebbly surface and bought the smaller skillet. I’m cooking for one, so it was the perfect size for a salmon filet. The salmon had a wonderful crispness, and I finished it with a quick herbed butter/lemon zest baste. I’ve pretty much retired my non-stick A/C range-top grill pans, as I’m finding I prefer the seared finish with a bit of pan sauce rather than try to duplicate a “grilled” burger or steak - which was never really achieved since I couldn’t reach the heat needed anyway.

I find they are the perfect “crossover” pans: they provide a non-stick surface vs. my clad pans, which do not. They provide a fast even heat that results in a great sear for meat/poultry/fish vs. traditional non-stick, which I never heated high enough to sear. I can create a great pan sauce, which I was reluctant to do in my carbon steel. (I can get that sear/sauce with my clad, but those pans are big. I needed to find some smaller pans since now cooking for one. Which is why I ended up looking for additional skillets, discovered the Starfrit, and decided to go for it. The price and 20% discount was also a factor.)

Also, the big plus for me: they are lightweight. I’ve been using them on a weekly basis for the past seven months, and so far so good. No degradation in finish. I could use metal turners and tongs, but since I already have a lot of OXO tongs and turners made for non-stick I use them. Nothing sticks enough to require scraping anyway. The cooking surface of my range is gas, and - along with all my other cookware - have never needed to turn the flame up past 6 or 7 mark. It takes less time for the Starfrit to heat up, so I’m ready to go sooner. That was probably the only learning curve I had to deal with. My clad cookware takes a bit longer to reach the “mercury ball” stage.

I use them in regular rotation with all my other cookware. I’m pleased, so far.


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Thanks to both of you. I haven’t tried the T-Fal myself so the heating tip is nice to know.

It sounds like the modern nonstick surfaces are much more durable than what I’ve used in the past.

I just need to decide on a set now and remind the recipient to not use high heat. I’ll b sending the pans overseas so I want to get a set that shouldn’t have problems since they won’t be able to return them or get warranty replacements.

So far this pan is just ok. It has a texture to the surface so foods grab more but don’t stick. This is not as slick at the T-Fal I’ve used not as slick at the Tramontina restaurant style nonstick skillets Sam’s Club used to sell.

It too soon to tell about durability.

If you want a slippery pan, pass on this.

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