The NJ clam thread


An order of steamers and fried zucchini from Barncles last night. Guess the price on those steamers.

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looks amazing…feels like I;m right there…no LIT?


Around $20 for small bucket? Although buying them raw from ShopRite and steaming them yourself doesn’t save much $$$. Best value are the farm raised black mussels at $5 per bag and very simple to make.

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Belford Co-op price was $6.99/lb yesterday, per their facebook post.


26.95 and they werent even that good. Lots of small ones. Clams I love small, not steamers.

And no LIT…I was driving.


So I went to bahrs for the second weekend in a row. I had not been there for about a decade. I wanted some later night (930 ish) bar food and decided I was in the mood for seafood.

I didn’t realize it was karaoke night so the bar was packed and we managed to get a high top. I proceeded to order some clams casino and popcorn shrimp with some LITs. These drinks were almost all liquor. I watched him pour…good stuff. 9.75 each with tax included (I paid at the bar cash as I didn’t feel like waiting for a server at the hightop)

@gcaggiano have you been recently? As a history guy, this place is really intriguing, well to me at least.

So onto the food…the clams were spot on! Afterall, a place that has been open over 100 years on a river, in a town known for being the clam capital of NJ (probably of the eastern seaboard,) they have had a looooong time to practice lol. They had great flavor and the texture was what won me over. They don’t use too much breading, the moisture was right and they broiled these nicely. They weren’t a soggy mess, they were not dry and they got the char on top right…crispy but not a burnt disaster. Nicely done app bahrs. I will be adding this into my late night appetizer rotation along with their LIT.

And to save the best for last, Jr will appreciate this. These clams came out BLAZING…literally sizzling on a hot plate. That really was a nice touch…pun intended :slight_smile: you will burn your fingers if you go to grab one like did. Whoever prepped this dish did a nice job, even down to the thick lemon wedge. I hate when place skimp out on lemon.

The shrimp were also quite good…hell it is kind of hard to mess up frozen popcorn shrimp. They came out piping hot, crispy and I liked the sauce. On the menu it claimed to be a chili lime aioli. I swear they gave me honey mustard or based their sauce on honey mustard. I didn’t get any chili flavor or lime but the lemon juice I put on the clams may have temporarily altered my taste buds as was chowing down on both dishes at the same time. Next time I will ask for some cocktail sauce and see which one I like better. I’m a big mustard fan so this sauce was up my alley.

The pic below is deceiving. There were a lot of shrimp jammed into that big chowder mug. The dishes were 9 and ten bucks…not too bad.

Up next I hope to try some clam bellies that Tom mentioned. For some reason I’m thinking like there are some good offerings if you can sift through the large menu and find what resonates with you. Sometimes you have to give places a second chance.

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I’m a sucker for old and kitschy. The place reminds me of a mashup of the fish restaurant in Flamingo Kid ('any fish you wish") and The Barnacle from Summer Rental. Scully’s catch of the day!

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Wow surprising!! I haven’t been in the place for at least 15 years and the last meal I had was terrible. I can’t say I’m going to make a trip out there to try it but it’s good to know if I’m in the area and want a bite I don’t have to avoid I like the plague. How was the karaoke crowd?

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My 8th grade graduation dinner was at Bahr’s and that was the first and only time I’ve eaten there. I drive by there nearly daily in spring and summer and have wanted to try it. But their prices combined with the sentiment on this board has kept me from a second visit.

My friend recently went there with 5 people. The bill was $400 and they weren’t even drinking much.


The crowd was mainly senor citizens that appeared to be local. When I say seniors I’m talking people that were pushing 70 and up. There were probably 2 or 3 middle aged guys, one SMOKING HOT LADY, and then two younger kids. They came to visit their gram. I think the lady was with one of the middle aged guys but Im not sure. She looked like she was ready for the vip room at the Avenue and for sure not bahrs.

Greg, I’m not saying rush to this spot but their happy hour looks OK if you are into raw shellfish, or 7 dollar plates of wings. I wasn’t thrilled with the german food last week but it was ok considering we don’t have any local options. Based on that, I would not have wanted to go back, but the three apps I’ve had on my only two visits in a decade were pretty good. Clams casino have the gold out of the 3.

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Hopefully your lady Gaga pal didn’t make an appearance


This was 100% fine Latina. She was really out of place there (at the bar for karaoke)