The NJ clam thread

Let’s here it folks…I don’t think we have done a clam thread yet. All things clam!

Favorite restaurants
Favorite recipes/styles
Where do you fish for them
Chowders: new England vs Manhattan
And maybe some fishing too
You name it… :slight_smile:

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bonus points if people can name money spots for linguini with clam and baked clams…
too bad white clam pie at Lee’s Tavern on SI won’t count here…

I like the clams casino at Corso 98. Nothing like clams with bacon :yum:

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I’m really interested in this as in Houston we never had them in stores until recently and they are littlenecks. Can you eat these raw? I’ve only had raw once and that was in NYC. I’m fully versed in all things Gulf, fish, crabs, oysters, shrimp, cooking and cleaning. I have no clue what to do with a clam and will check back in a few weeks when I’m ready to pull the trigger.

6.95 /dozen loss leader blue points tomorrow, regular 22.95.

im a fan of the tiny green ones, around here I see them referred to as “Congolese”- in my opinion the smaller the better…

love to steam them on the grill in a pan with garlic and beer or white wine. Then add melted butter, lemon, and sage or tarragon. If I’m feeling special I’ll add some diced prosciutto in each one.


Leave it to Eli to make me feel starving at any hour of the day lol

@Metsfan86 feel free to bring si into the equation. It’s essentially NJ. I don’t know of many linguini options but I’m all ears and this is why I wanted to get a thread going.

@jcostiones I think you can eat almost all clams raw. I have been fishing since I could walk…literally. I just don’t eat raw clam. If I had a dollar for every clam I have shucked or baited, I’d be retired and very wealthy lol. It isn’t the taste and I just can’t do it. After thousands of clams, I just can’t do raw clam.


in the case- white clam pie at Lees Tavern in SI is tops on my list.

I am very interested if anyone has recommendations for fried clams, either with bellies or without. My husband has been craving them and we got an order this weekend at some place in Point Pleasant. Awful. Obviously directly from a bag, super chewy, tons and tons of breading and just sad. We would get plates of them in the summer on Cape Cod and they were incredible.

Anybody know if they have them fresh at Keyport Fishery? Feels like something they would have there. I usually avoid that spot since I would like one fried thing and something else, not EVERYTHING fried.

Jack’s Long Branch clam strips.

They are huge, full of enormous meat (that’s what she said) and fried perfectly. For years and years, I wondered how the hell they were so awesome. Surely a place like this cannot possibly be making their own clam strips?

About a year back, the clam strips became unavailable. For months it was off the menu. I couldn’t fathom this - how could they remove what’s possibly their tastiest food item off the menu? I sent them a message on FB and asked why they stopped serving clam strips, this was their response:

Not our fault. They were awesome. The company that made them cannot harvest the giant Clams. We have been trying for more than 6 months to get them. I have also tried at least 5 other similar products. All are garbage compared to what we have always used. When and if the company starts producing them again they will return to my menu. Thank you and I hope you can find something else on our vast menu that is almost as epic as the Clams were.

The lengths they went to replace their strips and ultimately deciding not to serve them at all tells me how much they care about their food and clam strips. I hear they are back on the menu though! If you haven’t already, and enjoy clam strips, try the ones at Jack’s. They are fantastic.


This is incredible. I would have never guessed to go here! And nothing goes better with fried clams than delicious beer. They have an awesome, diverse menu.

Thank you!!!


maybe grab a pound of fried clams and enjoy them and then head over to Old Glory or Drews???


Thanks for the tip. I will have to try these. Are they served simply fried with tartar sauce?

Yeah, they are your typical cornmeal crust clam strips, the kind I imagine gracieggg was talking about that is usually all batter with a little bit of mystery chewy part inside. Except they are like 2 inches long and almost a 1/2 inch in thickness, all meat inside.

They offer it with tartar or cocktail. Always tartar for me, lots of lemon and a little bit of tabasco every few pieces.

By the way, I do enjoy the shitty clam strips too. Something nostalgic about them. But I’d be disappointed if I got them at a restaurant. Every now and then I get them at White Castle.

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That is great that they responded to your email. That means a lot.

I think you know this, but all of the fried strips are previously frozen. They are hacked up and battered in giant clam processing plants. Some are better than others but I too like good ones and kind of crappy ones. They are like potato chips.

@Metsfan86 anjelicas has a clam linguini dish. I bet it is good.

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Excellent roasted clams in garlic sauce from Brothers in Red Bank.


Sissy’s at the Harbor in Atlantic Highlands gives a solid fried clams basket. They are probably frozen but you would never know it by flavor and feel.



Nice pics Greg.

Some stuffed clams from inlet cafe a few weeks ago …shrimp and scallop.


Probably my favorite…grilled clams with butter and hot sauce. Some beer to wash it down is always a must.


Yeah, I think the implication in their email was that there was a specific supplier who provided these strips pre-made to them. I’m ok with that, as it’s clearly a quality product. I mean there may be someone out there making them from scratch, but I imagine not for 8 bucks a serving.

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When I go camping I’ll bring some clams with me, and jam a stick of butter into a half drunk beer and throw it on the grill and let it boil a bit. Pour it on your clam strips and you have some awesome deliciousness!

Those look very close to Jack’s strips!

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