The new Dennis Foy Cafe Loret in Red Bank

Dennis Foy has just opened his new “flagship” restaurant in Red Bank. It’s a bit upscale with very very attentive service. Right now his menu consists of his “greatest hits”, and the food is wonderful. We shared the goat cheese tart and the tian of crab to start. Both were outstanding. We ordered the gnocchi as a second course and unfortunately it came out with our main, a special of rack of lamb. The gnocchi was heavenly. Little puffs of air…we could have had a lot more… The rack of lamb was cooked perfectly med rare. The only thing to us was it wasn’t as flavorful as we would have expected, but the quality of the lamb was sensational. We finished with an amazing chocolate dessert.

All in all, this is was a really nice evening with super attentive service. We’d definitely come back…but we’ll probably wait until the fall when the menu expands.


was just talking about this spot last night- really looking forward to it- hopefully it can set the bar at the upper echelon for the area along with Nicholas.

Edit - just checked the website- and the price points seem very reasonable for the rep the chef has and for what sockster spoke of service wise; especially when you compare to something like the abomination that they created at Catch 19…

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I am really excited to try this place too. BYOB, correct?



Interesting, market price on sirloin. You don’t see that too much.

This menu seems to be a little lacking. Besides the sirloin, I’m not getting any warm fuzzy feeling. And the market price thing is a turnoff.

The langoustine dish sounds interesting, but at 40 bucks I’m not sure. Salmon is the only fish and I never order salmon out. 28 for a chicken dish is steep. I don’t know. I need to hear some HO reports on this joint. I’ve been taking a few for the team lately lol :slight_smile:

And yes, I realize there are specials too.

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Foy’s Lambertville restaurant is cash or check only. Is this also the case in Red Bank? The Red Bank restaurant apparently offers Sunday brunch. Any info on that?

No, they take credit cards. Also, they didn’t have salmon on Saturday night- they had a tuna special instead.

Getting the same feeling from the menu as @corvette_johnny. Was surprised that the tian of crab was on the menu as I recall eating it awhile back at his restaurant in Pt. Pleasant Beach.

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Nothing is really pulling me in. The sirloin is obviously in my wheelhouse, but the descriptions and short entrée list aren’t exciting me. Hopefully we get some good reports and pics soon.

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We have reservations this Sunday and I will hopefully remember to take pics.


The tian is his signature dish, so it’s always on the menu.

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That explains it. Thanks RGR.

Do you have any pics of this dish? I’m a big crab fan and this will be on my list when I visit.

I’ve never had the tian. However, there’s a photo of it in The NY Times review of D’floret.

Looks good! Does anyone know what kind of crab he uses?

Did anyone get here this weekend?

Going tonight. I will try to ask a few questions.

Nice! I’m interested to see what kind of specials they have and how the actual menu compares to the online menu.

I decided to just post pictures of the meal. We’ll go back in a few months and see if things change once they’ve had time to get things together. At $70 pp I hope they do…

Mushroom soup special app
Crustless goat cheese and tomato tart


Lamb chops

Veal meatsauce over pasta

Lemon Tart

The Room


Called at 5:45 asking if we could get in at 7pm, they offered 6:30 so we took it! Arrived promptly at 6:30 and was brought to our table, the hostesss was welcoming and professional.

The chairs I don’t care for, while I’m sure they are sturdy I’m not a fan of their design (yes I’ve broken a few chairs in my day) so I chose the bench seating. It was a comfortable table for two, most of the tables on this side are deuces. Bread arrived as did our water and shortly thereafter the waitress to give us specials. After a few minutes the order was:

1 crab tian
1 salad
1 halibut special
1 lamb chops special

Service is very good, very responsive very attentive and very professional. The crab tian was excellent! Loved it! Wish it was a tad bit larger but it was delicious. House salad with house dressing was also very good but a touch too much dressing.

The halibut wasn’t a big hit. The presentation (I wish I took pics) and the taste were rather bland. It was served over a corn salsa which was very good. The lamb chops (2 double cut as in seals pic above) was delicious but again rather understated. Don’t get me wrong if you love lamb you will love this but I was expecting a “wow” factor with it which it didn’t have. Could be my own fault for expecting something I shouldn’t have.

No coffee or desert.

All in all we enjoyed it and I appreciate the service but I’m not in a rush to return. At $75 a per person without booze (2 iced tea’s) I would have appreciated a “wow” factor. Also there were 4 tables when we arrived 3 more joined while we were there, place was about 1/3 full, and I couldn’t have the 7pm reservation?

As always try it yourself and please report back.


Maybe I am misunderstanding…two entrees, a salad, and appetizer was $150???