The Joy of Cooking - Squirrels etc.

Who’s on first.


Who onda wire.

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Hoo let the birds owt, hoo hoo hoo, hoo


That appears to be a Barn Owl, aka Monkey Faced Owl.


You’re really good at this!


Thank you! Birds are such fascinating and beautiful creatures. Field guides and books about wildlife are much more interesting than TV, which I haven’t watched in over 30 years.


If you ever want to relive those thrills, I got a neighbor with a barn… Nothing wrong with pigeon, especially the barn kind. Good feed.

Boy, are you missing out! Masked singer, politically deranged “news”, Toddlers in Tiaras, The Kardashians. I just don’t how you do it. :wink: Fire pit for me. Love fire. Turns out it’s good for cookin’, too.

I hate the Audubon guides. Photos in front, info in back. Grr. I’m a mushroom hunter. I’d vote against Simon and Schuster’s mushroom guide. Most photos are of European mushrooms, so there may be subtle differences.

Lotsa Mushrooms and birds on FB.
And regional experts, not European ones.
Groups with specific topics are about the only redeeming quality.

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There’s also gardening, fishing and high-power airgun target shooting.

Each a 5-shot group, 45 yds, .25 caliber, target outside diameter is 1 inch (2.54cm), inner circle is 1/4 inch (6.35mm). The last group of two shots were off due to the air tank running low, also evidenced by groups 14 &15. Squirrels are small targets and these air guns are silent, powerful, potentially incredibly accurate and much safer than firearms. You cannot raise fruits here without defending the trees. Wait, let me rephrase that: You can’t HARVEST fruits here without defending the trees!

I hunt mushrooms, as well. Yes, the Audubon flip-back-and-forth is a pain, but there’s tons of information and images. Here, any smartphone app or facebook group is useless. There’s no cell service or internet out in the woods. There’s not even cell service at my house. The po-lie-ticians keep promising to “connect rural America”, deceit in every flavor. I’d rather be with nature anyway; they are just noise in the background.

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The pellets are collected in a silent trap so I can melt them into fishing weights.

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Pretty sure Da Badger was being facetious about TV, at least I hope so…

There was more food provided for the Lewis & Clark company taken by air rifle than by firearms.

Just don’t tell that to a Grizzly.

Nice grouping! How could you be right on with those targets, and completely miss the others? I kid.

Audubon has scads of valuable info. Hate the format. My cell service exists. Just have to stand at the top of my hill. So, you live so far out in the sticks, you have to come back towards town to go hunting?

Where I live they’re still struggling to connect us rural folks. Don’t hold your breath. I’m with you.

You have to defend your fruit trees? Jeez. I don’t even defend my asparagus. There’s enough enough ditch to feed 10 or so families. Sadly deer are out of season when they’re mowing my fruits and veggies. My dog died, so I’m defenseless against the bambis, save for electric fence and cayenne pepper.

Weird mushroom year. Very mediocre morel season. Found some oysters, though (black oysters). Found a big hen of the woods (7lbs) last year.

Background noise is right. I’ll takes the birds and breeze. Forces people I like to come visit instead of call. I’ll make the coffee. I still want to get a black sign with the words, written in red “Privit Properdi” and maybe a skull and crossbones.

I grew up in a city. Had a lifetime of that crap. Miss the bakery, though. Must be the lack of teeth or something, but people here can’t seem to take crusty bread. Just forces me to make my own.

Air sure has become popular. My neighbor just bought an air .357M. Love it. I might offer on his .25. Rounds sure are a lot cheaper. Turn those spent rounds into sinkers, eh? Good idea.

I was being facetious. I still watch Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke. Jacques and Julia, too. David Chang’s Street Food was worth TV. So much, though, on TV seems soooo foolish. Just what’s offered up as news that is half-truth heaven. Both sides of the media; not picking on left nor right. I do like Modern Marvels and Engineering Disasters. How It’s Made is cool, too. The ____ that Made America. Good stuff.

Hey, you rural folks out there. Has there been like an explosion of deer population where you live? My goodness, I only hit one this year; but have dodged a whole lot on my way to work. Someone please hunt these silly things. The Chicago folks that rent my neighbor’s property must be terrible shots or something. They’ll come out with nothing, or a 50 lb. adolescent deer.

Lots of raccoons and skunks, too.

I don’t know how powerful the old air guns maxed out at. The largest I own shoots 365 grain Noslers at .45 caliber, very capable of big game up to Bison. But, Grizzlies have a reputation for defying mortal wounds!

Yes, deer are all over the place. There are twenty-fold more than around the year 2000. A 9-10 foot high orchard fence surrounds the garden. The climbers can still get in, and groundhogs; but the deer have been kept out.

This is now. Not in 1805.

My dad “liberated” a Diana break-action .177 from the home country in 1944. I’m glad he kept his Garand.

I usually have a few groundhogs. None this year. No whippoorwills the last three years. This year we have three runnin’ around. Cycles.

I was just reading an article about having a “stopping gun.” Just black bears by me. I don’t even think about them. Just big raccoons. Had a mountain lion slinking around about 20 years ago. Holy cow, the bobcats, though. They cleaned out all but one very smart rabbit by me.

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