The Greek Spot..coming to Red Bank ( & now open)


It was great to see everyone again and it was a pleasure to finally meet Deb :slight_smile:

We had some good food, cocktail and RB talk throughout the course of the meal…and cat talk :smile:

I thought the server was working hard even though it wasn’t too busy. They kept the pita coming, so that was good to see. Overall it was a fun night with good company and rather budget friendly. I didn’t even think to get a group photo.

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That’s the working name of my biography. Anywho can’t Rg with you about that gyro!


Another decent meal tonight with my cousin. After seeing mishy’s gyro platter I recommended it to my cousin. The server hooked him up with some tzatzki and spicy feta and some more to take home…great waiter btw. My shrimp and scallops were ok but the grilled shrimp in the lemon potato sauce clearly topped this. 4 shrimp and 4 scallops in this dish tonight. One scallop was sandy…it happens to the best of us. 17 bucks, a fair price but I won’t be ordering this again after having two of the grilled shrimp dishes with the lemon potato

I had the pleasure of trying this hot sauce which the waiter gave us. I’m not sure if this is their standard hot sauce but man, this stuff is good! It’s pretty hot for you chili heads. Dave this might be up your alley. I’m going to pick up 2 bottles, one for my cousin and I. The gentleman that makes this lives in ocean so I like to support local businesses. @joonjoon


Mazi is what @seal guessed (correctly, imo) was in the spicy feta! I have a bottle of it (purchased at the GSpot in Ocean) and no joke–I use all of 2 DROPS at a time. But I absolutely love it… Made right here in Asbury Park, too!


It is very good! I didn’t expect to discover a cool hot sauce at a Greek place, let alone one locally made. I’m going to try to order some tomorrow :slight_smile:


I can easily bring you a bottle the next time I see you…

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When the farmers markets start in asbury, they sell Mazi at the one on Saturdays at the corner of Sunset and Main.


That would mean he’d have to trek ALL THE WAY TO AP. :scream:


I’ve purchased Mazi piri piri at Sickles, Little Silver. Confiscated at EWR. Lucky TSA person.


I’ve had a few things confiscated at the airport. I’m still really bitter about these two in particular:

  1. A PERFECT papaya from Hawaii. Like. COME ON. I was intending to eat it while still in Hawaii.
  2. A nice big chunk of Iberto ham for my dad. It was sealed and everything.

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My “airport confiscation” story:

We have taken group family vacations to Aruba for the past 25 years. My family, parents, in-laws and whomever else can join us on any given year. Myself, parents and inlaws even purchased a time share at the same resort, same week together about 15 years ago to facilitate these family vacations.

So in her later years mom would use a wheelchair in the airport and as we are wheeling up to security/customs where they x-ray your carry on bags my mom says: " OMG NotJr, I forgot I had this in my bag to give to you"…and she pulls out a 3/4 full bottle of (.750 liter) Stoli Vodka. For those not familiar you aren’t allowed more than 4oz of liquids in any carry on so here we are with this bottle which security is going to confiscate, so we pull ourselves aside to let other people go through as we discuss this.

She hands me the bottle, it’s so warm since it’s been in her bag in 80+ degree weather…but there’s no way I’m letting this go so I unscrew the top and chug the bottle. Both security lines, as well as much of the security officers stop to watch this marvel of alcoholism, some I do believe were chanting; “chug, chug, chug, chug”…and chug I did every last drop of that Stoli. I proceeded to throw the bottle in the garbage and continue through security.

Needless to say by the time we boarded an hour or so later, I was hammered. I passed out on the flight and 4 & 1/2 hours later woke up like a champ! (probably still a little buzzed)


Well. Color me impressed at so many points of this story. The idea of chugging warm/hot vodka in an airport with a full audience. WOW!

I should have tried to eat both items but instead I played the “I’m PREGNANT” card with the papaya (fail) and a sob story about how the ham was a gift for my dad (FAIL). I also famously had an adult temper tantrum when my bag was completely ransacked by a condescending TSA agent who uncovered a tin of tiny jams and a little stuffed chicken Christmas ornament. I thanked him for keeping America safe from unadorned bread. Jerk.

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Yeah TSA can be very hit or miss, like the time I snuck my flask onto a flight. I assume because it is metal the x-ray machine couldn’t see the liquid contents? I don’t know but I was certainly happy they didn’t find it!!

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Aruba has some great food!!


I especially like the blurriness of the photos. I feel a little drunk looking at them!

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Obviously, the TSA has a on file you and said “That’s the guy who chugged the whole bottle of Stoli”, let him have the damn flask, he must need to be hammered to fly.


I’M IN. Do I need to do a survey? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Now that’s a good story! Speaking of warm vodka, I was watching this show on Siberia about people who live out in the wilderness. They drink warm vodka mixed with bacon grease. I guess you have to do what you have to do.

As for a flask, I’ve never been stopped for that or my metal water bottle.

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Charles, it seems you have some affiliation with The Greek Spot (I’m a moderator as well as a member so only moderators can see deleted posts) so I wanted to welcome you to please share any information of the place as you would like.

As I think you can tell it’s a favorite of ours and it would be great to have you join our community and conversation here!