The Greek Spot..coming to Red Bank NJ ( & now open)

Got take-out last night. The gyro and sauce were as good as always. The problem was the chicken - very dry. I’m thinking maybe the food sits around a bit longer because they are still building up clientele in Red Bank. At least I hope so because not even the cats wanted to finish the chicken.

Which chicken did you have?

If you all flock to the RB location, I might get that lamb shank in GS1 awhole lot easier!

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We had the Lemon Chicken. Nice piece, the skin looked good, but next time we will prolly get the kabobs.

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Among other things we had the lamb souvlaki last night and it was very good.

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My cats have always liked raw chicken. Are your cats the same way?

Just had gyro, lemon chicken soup, house salad, and Greek fries for takeout.
Overall very good. Only nits to pick, soup was very good just creamier than I am used to. Also I prefer beefteki at Greek eats for gyro. But still quite good.
Fries were great and the salad was outstanding, a good sized portion too with vibrant flavor, very fresh and light. Usually prefer feta chunks then the shreds but flavor def came through. Will prob go to GE when I’m alone for gyros but with fam will go to the spot for the larger menu.

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GE is an amazing value. I really don’t know how they can put out such a dish at ten bucks. I’ve only been to g spot once but loved their shrimp. It is good to see some good food and competition in this area. If interested, I’m trying to get a hodown going sometime soon. I suck at putting any plans together but @CurlzNJ is the best at putting events into a reality. I really want to rip through a bunch of hot and cold apps. I think it would be a good time and I’d be happy to meet a fellow Mets fan :slight_smile:

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Sure @corvette_johnny they love raw meat, especially mice, but so few restaurants serve raw mouse these days :grin:


Their salad was probably the biggest “surprise” to me, normally I’m not a fan of a chopped lettuce salad. It has -0- curb appeal to look at it, but dammit after the first bite it’s like crack, I love it! Just as you described fresh and vibrant and the perfect balance of flavors.

The lemon soup took me awhile to develop a taste for, initially I found the flavor off-putting, but with enough tries I’ve developed a fondness for it as well.

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Just curious…Did you take out or eat there?

took out to eat at home.

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yup- not much to look at- but man is it tasty…

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We went tonight for dinner. Everything was delicious and I’m excited to come back. Attentive service. We had eggplant appetizer (heavy on the garlic but I’m absolutely not complaining), I had veggie moussaka (hearty but definitely doesn’t need a side of potatoes), husband had some lamb which I did try but he ate it all instantly. Baby ate half of her chicken with rice. Highly recommend. I hope they do well. It was busy!


In a miraculous turn of events (just a few days of planning), a few of us got together here last night to check out the new digs… I have to say I’m very happy for the owners and looking forward to watching their success grow.

The six of us shared a the Cold Spreads platter (tzatziki, hummus, roasted eggplant dip, and my favorite of them all, the spicy feta spread). @seal called it; I think they’re mixing in Mazi Piri-piri sauce (which they sell in Ocean) and it’s SPICY, but I’m a fan. We also had the taramosalata, the fried eggplant and zucchini, and loukanikos (sausage), which is one of my favorite ‘benchmark’ items in any Greek restaurant–and this didn’t disappoint. I found the fried items a bit too greasy (although that didn’t stop me from smearing spicy feta on them). And I truly can’t believe I didn’t see Gigantes on the menu (just spotted them as I looked online)…they’re one of my other benchmark items. Next time!

For dinner, a few people were craving gyro meat, @BossaNova had their massive lamb youvetsi shank (still one of the best deals EVER, even at $19 here). Deb and I shared the lamb chops, which were tiny but delicious, and @corvette_johnny had the grilled jumbo shrimp. Everything I tried was tasty, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting back there for some of the other items–including octopus.

I thought the space itself was pretty, with high ceilings and light colors; there were tables and a few booths lining the exterior of the main room. If there was one complaint, it was that the heat was on full blast, but as soon as we said something, they turned it down.

They share a parking lot with the Antiques Center but I found a spot on the street when I pulled up (yes, I realize this is a weeknight)…I know the parking lot behind West Elm is an option–not sure if that’s the Galleria that Johnny referred to upthread. There are two entrances; I came in via the door on Bridge Street, which is officially the takeout side (a VERY good idea, imo) but the main entrance to the restaurant is via the driveway/parking lot side.

To their credit, voila! Their website shows both locations. (CLAPPING) Here’s the link to the RB site:

(@NotJrvedivici can you please change the title of this thread to The Greek Spot, Red Bank? TY!)


I"m sorry I only work for gyro’s, did someone bring me one?

@CurlzNJ have you had the take out from Ocean prior to this trip? Wondering how you felt the two compared, I know @seal wasn’t happy with his half chicken take out from here. I know the menu is greatly expanded vs. Ocean, I’m sad to hear the lamb chops were tiny, that was one of the things I was looking forward to trying. The lamb shank that @BossaNova had is excellent, it’s $ 19 to dine in at Red Bank but still $ 13. take out in Ocean WITH their delicious greek salad. Speaking of which do the entree’s in RB come with the same house salad? I would hate if they changed that.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed, sorry I wasn’t available.

Um, I most certainly HAVE had plenty from the GSpot–it’s <2 miles from home! I love the food there, and the prices really can’t be beat. I know @BossaNova had orzo with his lamb shank, but I don’t know about the salad, so I’ll let him chime in on that. Michelle commented on the massive amount of rice and meat on her gyro platter, and our lamb chops came with a variation on the side salad that I often grab in Ocean–this time it was shredded lettuce with thin tomato slices and a ton of red onion with that terrific red wine vinegar and oregano dressing.

Which salad is it that you love? That side salad (usually all chopped + w feta) or the Green salad, which is all romaine with feta? I love both…


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I often stop in just to grab one of those–they’re ~$2 and I mix it in with a bunch of greens and get at least two big salads out of it… YUM

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I have no pics and very little to add. As always, the company eclipsed the food. I had a gyro sandwich, my go-to for take out and it never disappoints. I have 5 places closer to me that I can get a gyro, but none of them compares to this one. I will add that it’s great to have a full menu Greek restaurant in Red Bank as they expanded their menu to four full pages.

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