The Great Big Jewish Food Fest

This is a virtual food fest that started yesterday. I learned about it from The Nosher/My Jewish Learning. I attended a fascinating presentation yesterday on The State of the Deli that I really enjoyed. David Sax, who wrote Save the Deli, visited several deli owners who talked about current and future deli trends. It’s all free, and you can still sign up for events. I’m going to be watching ones with Michael Twitty, Ruth Reichl, and Joan Nathan. Should be fun!
For more information, go to


Terrific idea! Like their “cause”.

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Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve signed up for 4 sessions!

Thanks for the information, I signed up 1 session first and decide on the others later. Time zone can be a problem, lol.

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I’m signed up for the Joan Nathan/Ruth Reichl talk and the West Coast Happy Hour starting now!

I nabbed a few interesting recipes off the fest website. Thxs.

I watched 2 sessions yesterday - The Great Shabbat Cook Alomg with Gail Simmons, Michael Solomonov, Adeena Sussman and Einat Admony and Get Your Table Instagram Ready with Jake Cohen.

I thought the cook along was fun. Each chef prepared a component of a dinner. In theory you were supposed cook wile they were but I didn’t as I didn’t have some of the ingredients. However, I definitely would make their recipes. My favorite part was seeing the kitchens. Also, I was never a huge Gail Simmons fan but I liked her a lot. Very warm and personable.

Jake Cohen was a hoot. Very exuberant. The Sprout made his Brownie Cookies with Sumac and they were very good.


Thank you for adding the recipe. If I didn’t know they had sumac I may not have realized it was there though The Sprout and Mr Bean said they tasted it. Next time I may add more. Otherwise they were a really nice texture and easy to make.


I’m trying this recipe as well.

I signed up for a new one that I don’t remember seeing in the original schedule. It’s the people from the SFBA area deli Wise Sons. They have a book out so they’ll be talking about it. It’s on at 1:30 EST today. Here’s the info:
Thank You for joining us tomorrow for brunch at the Great Big Jewish Food Fest! We’re looking forward to talking about jews and food and where you went to summer camp. And EAT SOMETHING, our new book!

1:30pm EST // 10:30am PST

Link to the event here and zoom info below! Along with the very easy recipe for Bloody Moishe, should you wish to make one:)

Shabbat Shalom!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 5185 1641

Okay, my braiding is in need of serious patience but the recipe is truly the perfect challah dough. Feels great, proofing was spot on. Two loaves in a few hrs, with most of it just proofing, wins my bread heart.


Those are beautiful. I make challah once a year - Rosh Hashanah. I hope I remember this recipe.

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I’m going to share the recipe with family. Next time, I will make a few tweaks. Even as one loaf, six braids, it would make a nice loaf.

I’m not really a bread maker. If you don’t mind my asking what would you tweak?

My RH challah is a round braid. The Sprout used to do it for me but now I do. And every year I have find the tutorial I save for just this one occassion.

Once the dough has proofed the first time and is deflated, I would knead the dough for the 2nd proof longer. I would proof the braided loaves longer in a warmer spot and I would add the seeds to the indiv logs rather than sprinkled over the egg wash once braided. I wouldn’t chg anything about the recipe but I would take my time rolling and braiding.

I also learned about this co:

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A round loaf always looks attractive. Maybe that’s the way to go.

Thank you for the changes. I think the only way I’ll remember this recipe and your suggestions is to print everything out. So old school.

I am the furtherest thing from Chabad but I find their instructions for doing a round challah the best.

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Thank you for the link. I’m now adding: letting the logs rest a bit before braiding.

I’m quickly realizing proofing at every step is really key to those fluffy layers of egg dough… once baked off. :bulb::bulb:

I also watched The Great Shabbat Cook Along and really enjoyed it. Never had any intention of cooking along (oops), but it was a thoroughly enjoyable hour of food television, imo! I made the comment to someone that Gail is very good at moderating/leading discussion, so she really made an impression on me as well. I also own both Solomonov’s and Sussman’s cookbooks, so I was thrilled to see them prepare a couple of recipes and to see Sussman. Her writing voice matches her personality on tv; I suspect we could have a lot of fun with her at the shuk!

Looking forward to a few more sessions of this Fest starting tonight.