The Good News Thread In The Age of Corona

Think we need a place to put positive things!

Doc says I can get my line pulled tomorrow! So happy, and can get back to kitchen tasks and hobbies. Celebrating with a favorite quaff - an English Garden, sometimes called a French Connection. David Bowie on the play list - life is good! :sun_with_face:


Yay! I finally got somebody to build my greenhouse and the boy/young man next door got a new puppy!


That’s great news @Lambchop! I’m so happy that you are finally seeing the light at the end of that extremely long tunnel!

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So glad for you. Love your kitty!!

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It looked like we would have had to wait for over a month to get the contractor to expand our deck, but someone canceled a job at the last second, and the contractor was able to fit us in this week! They dug the holes for the posts yesterday and got the approval from the inspectors today to start pouring concrete. Hopefully they will be able to finish by Friday and we can enjoy dinner al fresco, on our expanded deck, on a possible 75 degree day. With the contractor being able to finish the job ahead of the planting season it will give Mrs. P some time to organize the plants on the deck.


Yay for you @Lambchop! Thrilled to hear your good news.


Well the fact we are healthy and not infected with COVID 19!


This is Day 1 of lockdown for Team Harters which, nationally, doesnt come into effect for a couple of days. But we’ve started to think about how we might spend our time. Of course, as retired people, we spend quite a bit of time round the house anyway.

In normal times, I’d be visiting the garden centre looking for some bedding plants to take over from the daffodils. Can’t do that now. But I’ve been internet shopping. No, it’s nowhere as good as being able to see the actual plants you want but, at least, the garden is going to look more cheery than otherwise.

In the UK, the National Trust is a major charity which owns many historic houses and other spaces on behalf of the nation. There is usually a charge to visit any of them. However, from Friday, the Trust is closing its houses, cafes and shops. But, it is intending to keep related gardens and other open spaces available and is waiving entry charges. So, as we’re allowed out of the house for walks, we’re going to make a list of nearby places to visit, where they have good spring gardens. Should actually be quite good fun.


Day 2 of lockdown for team PB. Luckily we can both work from home. We do though live in a one bedroom flat and both work on the same table. My job is very analytical while the missus has a job that requires multiple conference calls each day. Safe to say a period of adjustment is required. I do though realise how lucky we are, we are well and won’t lose our income. Others aren’t in so fortunate a position. Also I’ve always considered where I live quite community minded even though it’s London. The number of people on our local FB group offering to go shopping for people who can’t go out is heartening.


Hopefully this nugget of advice may raise a smile. If you buy a new set of electronic scales make sure they don’t resemble a chopping board you already have. You will find yourself when you are clearing up the kitchen almost putting them in dishwasher as an automatic reflex. Managed to catch myself so far.


Congrtulations. As an aside, I love cats on the counter. When we catsat our son’s cat, I would come down to the kitchen to find Gatita sitting on the counter, looking our the window, then turning to give me a “So what are you staring at?” glare. She had nothing to say about the footprints on the black stovetop.


Thanks @pilgrim - we can’t keep her off the island, especially, because she’s a naughty kitty. We do most of our food prep there, so we do clean the space well beforehand. She has gotten the idea she’s persona non grata when we’re prepping and cooking.

Everyday when infusing, she’d jump in the box holding the medical supplies and watch me, on an opposite counter. At least it wasn’t on a special mat I had to sanitize every time…


I don’t know why, Chris, but I had it in mind you were a teacher.

As for communities coming together, our local councillors have a blog and they are currently listing the local help. Already a couple of groups offering to do shopping, walk the dog, post the letter, etc. And a local cafe is preparing “care packs” to offer to those in need. The care packs have a beef stew, paracetamol, loo paper, soap, tin of pet food if reqd and a get well message.


The stories of Italian & Spanish communities in lockdown having group singing from their balconies has got to be a cheery thought.

Let’s have our own HO “song for the virus”.

My vote goes to Green Day’s “Wake me up when September ends”. And yours?


Never been a teacher but did work for a housing association, then a children’s charity and I’m now a civil servant so maybe I give off a public sector vibe:)

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“It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by REM. Too obvious?


One of our local small chains, Gusto, is now offering delivery and takeaway. And they are offering a 50% discount on takeaway for employees of the National Health Service. Just produce your photo ID card. Good for Gusto, IMO.


Medium-sized H suggests “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police.



The rhubarb is looking alive :crossed_fingers:


More framable art.

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