The Galley Pizza & Eatery - Asbury Park

I love my burgers. I love them big, I love them small - but mostly I like them prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing. The Galley is a storefront on Memorial Drive in Asbury. Their menu is a bit of all over the place - but I was attracted by two things on their menu - “Pat LaFrieda blend burgers” and “house cut fries”.

I stopped in for lunch to see if they could execute - and, yes, they can. I won’t go on any more - just take a careful look at the picture. I think it pretty much says "real deal’ better than anything I could say.


Good to know…thanks, Wayne. I have one friend who tried it and he said the pizza was decent and he really enjoyed the burrata salad, but those two items together cost $30 (+ a few $$ for Uber Eats or Doordash or whatever he used). Did you find it pricy for a place with just a couple of tables? And is it strictly counter service? Neither of those things will deter me, but I’m curious.

To twist a phrase, price sensitivity is in the eye of the beholder. Click the menu in my OP and judge for yourself.

I have found that I can’t eat decor and, within reason, don’t care. Clean is always welcome and this is. I’ll take this place or Medusa or Porta any day over something that’s all decor and zero food - like Firebirds in Monmouth Mall.

I chatted briefly with what I suspect is the owner. He is most proud of his ingredients and their sourcing. And he really wanted to know what I thought of it all. Plus and plus.

For all I know they’re a one-trick pony. I intent to try their pasta and their pizza and we’ll see.


Thanks! I did click through and I agree with you-some people don’t think twice about the price of food if it’s good, others are watching their budget a little more tightly… I’ll definitely give it a try at some point

Is Sunset Plaza the strip with Booskerdoo and Ada’s?

I believe that’s a “yes”.

From their web site: " Located in The Shops at Sunset Point
1313 Memorial Dr, Asbury Park, NJ"


That strip has changed so much in the last few years. Not to put words in @CurlzNJ’s mouth but I kind of get the surprise at the the price point for The Galley. You used to be able to get a ton of great Caribbean food for that kind of money in that plaza. It was more “old” Asbury rather than gentrified AP.

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@joonjoon probably has a few comments to add… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think @joonjoon has a new challenge to train for :slightly_smiling_face:



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Holy cow, assuming those burgers are at least 1/2 lb this is a massive challenge. You’re talking like 4 lbs in meat and cheese alone?

What is up with the fact that prime rib and pastrami aren’t anywhere else on the menu but the challenge???


I wonder what they charge you for the sandwich if you don’t finish it in a half hour? Probably $50 with all of that meat. I guess it is only free if you finish it in a half hour. They will make a ton of money on this since 99 %. of the people will not finish it in time.

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These guys run a charter boat as well, in case people are wondering about the fishy sounding menu headings. :slight_smile:

I haven’t fished with them, but many friends have and by all accounts are good people. I wish them well.

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I do love that they’re using local fish! That probably explains how… :grin:

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Popped in for the OG Burger (Pat LaFrieda blend, roasted long hots, roasted red onion, Havarti cheese, garlic aioli) … a seriously good burger. Also had a small cheese pizza which was decent and some awesome cheesy garlic bread. As noted, it is a causal, counter service restaurant, with prices higher than you might otherwise expect given the surroundings. However, the ingredients seem to be on the better end and clearly a lot of love and care in the entire operation. Also, a generally good vibe with a nice background soundtrack.


My wife had the vodka chicken parm on garlic bread and loved it


I am slowly working my way through their menu. Tonight seemed an excellent night for angel hair pasta and meatballs. It’s what I would have cooked for myself, only better executed.

I had the zeppoli for dessert. They were light, hot, thoroughly drenched in confectioners’ sugar and served with a yummy side sauce.

So far they are betting 1000 with me.

I have pictures - however - the food was better than my photography this time out.


Let me start off with this - I am definitely going back and soon. Most everything was good and the things that were good were delicious!

A few quibbles. The place was set up like an old school NJ pizzeria and feels like that too, right down to the fridge stocked with bottles of drinks. Although the door opened maybe once in the first 30 minutes we were there, the place felt cold. It was also loud as the 5 or 6 workers had the music up pretty high. And $15 for less than a dozen very small wings??? Again, they were really tasty, and different than your usual fried wings, but still…

The Cheesesteak was touted as having a house-made cheese sauce made with aged white cheddar. The smoked beef was amazingly good but I had a hard time finding any cheese. Next time I am going to try ordering one with extra cheese. The fries that come with the sandwiches were outstanding.

A special pizza advertised on the chalkboard of specials was “out” even though we were there at 5 pm and the only table in the place. We ended up sharing a Station 83 pie that was very good and echoed the flavors of the Beekeepers Lament pie up the street at Talulah’s.

The only food item I didn’t like was the meatball sandwich. It wasn’t bad, just not as good as mine or my dining companions homemade meatballs.

Overall The Galley is well worth a try. If they have the special Kalbi appetizer, get it fast, before they run out. Also get something with that delicious smoked prime rib on it. Be prepared for cold and loud and a little expensive and you will be rewarded.


I’m glad to hear you will be heading back.

So is it smoked rib eye they put on the cheesesteak? How much does it cost and how large? It is a shame they didn’t load it up with cheese. It sounds like this place has potential.

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